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Undertaker Or Wyatt, Kayfabe's Not Dead, Restoring Divas, WWE Network Issues

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How would you book the Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt match at Wrestlemania? It would be hard to see The Deadman lose again but the win would really elevate Wyatt.

There are two issues up for consideration when booking Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31 - Undertaker’s legacy and Bray Wyatt’s future. The goal is to preserve the former and enhance the latter. I can’t make a good argument for Undertaker beating Bray Wyatt but it’s certainly not a match that I would like to book.

A second consecutive loss could make it look like Undertaker is now inferior but it could also provide an opportunity to prove Bray Wyatt is the future. With that said, if Bray Wyatt can do it, what makes what Brock Lesnar did so special? It’s complex and there isn’t an easy answer.

Wyatt winning dirty would probably be the best case scenario and ensure him an optimal heel reaction without burying The Undertaker and his legacy. It’s not often I am OK with a dirty finish — especially at Wrestlemania - but I can’t justify Undertaker over Wyatt or Undertaker losing clean two years in a row.

Why and how did "kayfabe" die? Also, do you ever think it will go back to the way it used to be and possibly be "reborn", so to speak?

I don’t think kayfabe is dead, not by a long-shot. If it was, WWE wouldn’t be able to do the type of articles they do on their official website nor would their sit down interviews conducted by Michael Cole be so effective. Kayfabe has changed because technology has evolved but it’s absolutely still there.

Things are never going to go back to the pre-Internet/pre-social media era, where there is a high degree of mystique and a low level of transparency, but WWE has already shown they can use the aforementioned elements to enhance their business. It’s still possible to surprise fans and work even the smartest fan. All that is required is effort and when the effort is there, even people such as myself will appreciate it.

With all the controversy surrounding the Divas division as of late, do you think it would add any legitimacy if the WWE were to redesign the Divas title belt? Get away from the pink butterfly design to maybe something more "serious" like the NXT women's title?

Remember when WWE brought back the white Intercontinental Championship belt? It looks great but until WWE makes a philosophical change with the way it’s booked, it will continue to be a meaningless prop. The same is true for the Divas Championship. It doesn’t matter what the belt looks like or even what it's called, as long as the Divas are in short and forgettable matches, the title isn’t going to mean much. Like I talked about earlier in the week, WWE is giving us some hope but not enough for me to be optimistic they are about to #GiveDivasaChance.

I finally bought an XBox One and while watching WWE Fastlane, I had nothing but problems. Constant freezing and even kicking it off. Is this an issue because WWE gave away a month free or does the XBox One just not capable? I never had this issue with my XBox 360.

I have not heard many complaints from Xbox One users but I believe you’ll just have to troubleshoot the issue with WWE Network technical support. It could be a number of things causing you problems and obviously without seeing what it’s doing, it would be impossible for me to help you.

I am not aware of there being a problem with WWE Network on Xbox One but since I don’t have one, I can’t say for sure. I can tell you — and anyone else reading — I have had very few technical support issues with the WWE Network. The only time I have an issue with freezing is when I am streaming in a web browser and I have multiple browsers open and begin typing in them. Even then, the Network has worked relatively well for me for the past year and counting.

From the Ask WNW vault...

October 2007: I plan on becoming a professional wrestler soon. I'm going to start training in June/July of 2009. When I think I'm ready and when other people agree with me being ready how would I get the attention of the WWE Scouts? I'm in North Carolina and I know that one way is to befriend a WWE Superstar and when they think you are ready they will try and get you a tryout match. How can I get the attention of WWE Scouts when I am ready for a tryout opportunity? - First off I would like to congratulate you on making the decision of becoming a professional wrestler. There is only one proven way to get noticed by WWE and that is by making a name for yourself on the independent wrestling circuit. Making contacts and establishing relationships are a big part of it but if you have good enough skills you need to get the attention of some of the top independent wrestling promotions in the United States. WWE routinely scopes out the bigger independent promotions (example Ring of Honor) and will bring top wrestlers in for tryout matches and if you are lucky enough you will get a developmental contract. I recommend enrolling in a proven wrestling school first, this will help you make contacts and get some bookings. There is some luck involved but if you are determined, your goal will be accomplished. Good luck!

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