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Undertaker Retirement Tour, Booking of Summer Rae, Reigns A Sure Thing, Ambrose Heel Turn


With WWE dedicating the month of November, and the Survivor Series pay-per-view, to the Undertaker as well as his adding dates to his schedule and continuing to work younger talent, is it safe to say that he is close to retirement? If so, do you feel that Survivor Series will be the last we see of him, or does he go out at WrestleMania?

In my opinion The Undertaker is is on a retirement tour and this could very well be the last year that we see the Deadman wrestle. With that said it is purely speculation, we haven’t heard anything official yet. We also haven’t heard anything official in terms of The Undertaker wrestling at Survivor Series. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves because we may not see The Undertaker again so soon, and that’s the type of thing that leads to people being disappointed for something that wasn’t advertised. I think, and again this is purely speculation, that the Undertaker will wrestle his last match at WrestleMania. Will it be this WrestleMania? I can’t answer that for sure, but my guess is that everyone has enough respect for Undertaker to have him wrestle his last match on the grandest stage of them all. When you think of WrestleMania you think of The Undertaker, it only makes sense for him to wrestle his last match there.

How do you feel about the booking of Summer Rae? She has been involved with 3 Superstars all within a month. What type of message does that send to the young female audience?

I feel the booking of Summer Rae has been subpar, but she has been put in a tough spot. WWE had a plan for the Rusev/Ziggler storyline that involved Lana and Summer Rae, which all was washed away when it came out Lana and Rusev got engaged. Not only did it ruin things for Summer Rae, it may have cost Rusev a championship reign. I don’t have an issue with Summer being involved with 3 different Superstars within a month, women shouldn’t be judged by the number of men they date. I am actually pretty surprised with the fact that even though Summer has jumped to a new guy, the building Ziggler/Breeze rivalry feels fresh. It doesn’t feel like a continuation of the Rusev/Ziggler rivalry. I look forward to seeing what Breeze can do on the main roster.

Is Roman Reigns a sure thing to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series?

I want to wish Rollins a smooth and speedy recovery, as someone who is recovering from an serious ACL and meniscus tear I know how painful and miserable it is. Nothing is a certainty in the WWE. We don’t even know who Roman Reigns opponent will be now that Seth Rollins is out with a very serious knee injury. I will say that Roman Reigns is in a very good spot to win the championship. Reigns very much in the right spot at the right time and I would expect WWE to capitalize on that. I’m interested to see who WWE will put in the match against Reigns. The company has been priming Reigns for a new push to the top and it may have just had gas poured on the flames. I can’t say what the original outcome of the match between Reigns and Rollins, but I can say that as fans we definitely missed out on a classic. We’ll have to wait until Monday to see who gets a shot at the championship with Reigns, but I will say that WWE is in a spot that should be exciting for fans. While Vince may be in panic mode, this could be a great time for fans. No Cena, Orton, or Rollins leaves three huge gaps at the top. This means we might see guys like Ziggler, Cesaro, Owens, Ambrose and more get the push we’ve been hoping for.

With Rollins out is this the time to pull the trigger on Dean Ambrose? Having him turn on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series to win the title, if done right I thinks his turn could make him a main eventer for years to come.

I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t want Ambrose to turn heel. This question made me think about it a bit more in depth and I could get on board with and Ambrose turn but it would have to be a slow burn. Here is how I would handle it. Ambrose wins the right to face Reigns at Survivor Series, at first they are glad to be squaring off against a buddy. Reigns wins the title at Survivor Series, but maybe there is a wonky finish. I would have the ref take a bump right before Ambrose goes for the pin so there is no count. Reigns hits the spear as the ref recovers and pins Ambrose to become champion. The next night on Raw, Ambrose says Reigns is his friend but he knows who deserves to be the rightful champion. This eventually leads to Ambrose turning but it isn’t a turn just for the sake of turning him heel. It also leaves the window open for Ambrose being more of a “tweener” than a full blown heel.

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