Undertaker Retirement Tour, Conor McGregor In WWE, Heat Backstage, Shane McMahon Working Again

The Undertaker

Is The Undertaker back full-time based on what he said on the 900th episode of Smackdown?

No, The Undertaker is not back full-time, he’ll never work the full-time schedule again, but it looks like Vince McMahon has worked out a deal with him to do a retirement tour of sorts. We’re still working on a story about how this involves John Cena’s absence but this is also likely to lead to Undertaker working Wresltemania 33 next year. At this point we’re expecting Undertaker back on sporadic appearances through Wrestlemania before hanging it up for good. Please understand this is something that came about recently and is still changing, so as we get more information, we will make it available.

What are Vince McMahon’s thoughts on Connor McGregor after McGregor did his strut to the octagon? Does he see him possibly having a role in the WWE in the future?

Vince McMahon would probably say, “Who is Conor McGregor?” And in all honesty, McGregor would say McMahon’s strut was his strut. But in all seriousness, McGregor has indicated he’s not fond of anyone on the WWE roster except the McMahons, Triple H and The Rock, which is just him playing his character and promoting himself better than anyone else. There is WWE interest in McGregor but right now, it would probably cost them a pretty penny to get him to appear. This is more than WWE just negotiating with the UFC to get one of their fighters on their programming. This is them approaching the ego that is Conor McGregor and unless you’ve been living under a rock since Saturday night, it’s out in full-force. McGregor would be outstanding for WWE and is the UFC equivalent of Stone Cold Steve Austin in the prime of the Attitude Era.

How do you see the Sin Cara situation playing out in the long run?

Sin Cara has got to keep his job, so that’s the surprising part. The locker room will probably forgive him but he’s certainly been humbled since the incident overseas with Chris Jericho. Sin Cara isn’t the first worker to get blackballed by his co-workers. JBL made The Miz change in a different dressing room before and we know other stories of lower-tier guys having to “pay their dues.” That’s the “old school” mentality that CM Punk recently said WWE was lacking. Punk talked about Eddie Guerrero having him clean up the locker room years ago. Jericho is that locker room leader and the majority of the boys respect him for that. I do think Sin Cara is walking a very thin line and should anything happen again, he’ll probably end up getting released.

Was it really the right move to include Shane McMahon on Team Smackdown over Baron Corbin ?

Shane McMahon, while not really a worker, is higher up on the card than Baron Corbin. Given the fact that multiple ideas have been pitched for Shane to work a Wrestlemania program again next year, I believe it’s the right move. It’ll be a way to get Shane some reps in the ring and it adds to the card more than Baron Corbin would have.

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