Undertaker Update, Ambrose Directionless?, Reigns 'Backlash' Overblown, Heyman Turning

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What's the latest update on The Undertaker?

The Undertaker competing this year at Wrestlemania 31 looks more likely following this week’s WWE TV tapings. We reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium that while Undertaker is not confirmed the show, Bray Wyatt’s new promos are a “direct line” to plug a potential program between them.

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt have been directionless since their program. What are their plans for Wrestlemania 31?

As noted above, Bray Wyatt is currently “penciled in” for a Wrestlemania 31 program with The Undertaker. You are absolutely correct about Dean Ambrose being directionless, which is underscored by the fact he hasn’t had a pay-per-view win since June.

Right now, it appears his direction is a program with Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. While it’s important to remember that not everyone can be pushed at the same time, there’s no way to not be disappointed with the handling of Ambrose considering how red hot he was when he returned at Night of Champions back in September.

Is Roman Reigns better suited as a tweener?

Aside from a few cut and dry examples, I believe most WWE stars are tweeners. Think about it. Very few workers are completely heel or completely babyface and while that’s always been the case, it’s even more true in 2015. Even in the ring with Daniel Bryan on this week’s Smackdown, Reigns still got a good pop. WWE officials were prepared to turn Reigns heel and they still may, however, I don’t think it’s needed.

A couple weeks after Royal Rumble and it seems the heat on Reigns has died. This further underscores the point I’ve been trying to make since the show went off the air. Reigns wasn’t rejected, the booking of the Rumble match was. No one I have spoken with in WWE feels they are legitimately thinking about removing him from the main event at Wrestlemania. This program with Daniel Bryan is cosmetic that leaves the possibility of adding Bryan to the mix.

In listening to feedback from readers, it seems most are against Bryan being inserted into Lesnar vs. Reigns. Read some of the comments here on my Facebook. Barring a change, Lesnar vs. Reigns seems to be the likely title match at Wrestlemania 31.

Could you see Paul Heyman turning on Brock Lesnar, setting up the heel turn for Roman Reigns?

If Paul Heyman turns on Brock Lesnar, I think the best way to do it is to benefit Seth Rollins. Say for example, Lesnar successfully beats Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 31 and retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. While celebrating, Heyman distracts him and Rollins comes out and “cashes in” to leave the show as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This would accomplish several things. One, it would write Lesnar out of storylines without “damaging” him in the event he comes back one day. It would allow for a “passing of the torch” and three, it would give Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose and all of the other “up and coming” babyfaces a top heel to chase for the belt.

With that said, for WWE to execute such a plan, they would have to have a long-term logical plan in place. They seem to lack that most of the time.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2010: Are there any current plans for Jim Ross to return to the broadcast table? - There are no current plans for Jim Ross to return to WWE as a broadcaster. This wasn't Jim Ross' decision as the company made it for him because of issues with his health. JR's new position in the company is a person that evaluates talent and helps out backstage at pay-per-views.

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