Undertaker's Health, Is Being a Hart Hurting Natalya, Divas Tag Team Championship, Has Randy Orton Been Forgotten


Does anyone else fear for the Undertaker's health and safety fighting Brock Lesnar in a Hell in a Cell match?

It safe to say there's always concern for any superstars were competing with in the Hell in a Cell match. Especially with the Undertaker being older in age, there's more concern than usual. Then add on top of that, that the Undertaker is wrestling Brock Lesnar, who is particularly well known for his recklessness. I think it's safe to say that anyone who wasn't at least a little concerned for the health and safety of the Undertaker was underestimating his current circumstances. That said, it certainly seems like the Undertaker has picked Brock Lesnar as his guy. If the Undertaker is currently on his retirement tour, which many are speculating, he has chosen to go out swinging against Brock Lesnar. While Brock Lesnar might not be the Undertaker's WrestleMania opponent, he is the person who Undertaker will have spent the better part of a year facing. Brock Lesnar will forever be associated with the Undertaker because he broke the streak, so it seems fitting for him to face off against The Undertaker throughout his potentially last year. Is there concern for Undertaker’s health? Yes, there is always concern going into the Hell in the Cell, but if anyone knows how to work a Hell in the Cell match it’s Undertaker.

With most people agreeing that Natalya is the most technically gifted Diva wrestler on the roster, do you think her Hart family connection is the reason she hasn't had the same run as Nikki Bella?

I think Nikki Bella’s success was a perfect storm that allowed her run as Divas Champion last as long as it did. First, I think that the success of total divas really helps increase her value in the company. Secondly, her relationship with John Cena has to have some kind of weight. While Nikki denies that Cena has any pull, I can’t imagine dating the “face” of WWE hurt her standings. Third, I think the company wanted to erase AJ Lee from their history books if they could, and Nikki was there and had held the title long enough that they saw their opportunity. While I don’t think they gave Nikki the title with the thought going into her title run being “let’s have her break the record” I do think it was a right time right place situation for Nikki. Fourth, and I think people are going to “buck” on this point, but Nikki has worked very hard to get better and WWE respected it enough to put the Divas division on her shoulders. She might not be the most talented diva, but she pulled off the “mean girl” image so well it kept her in the spotlight. As for Natalya, I can’t tell you why she hasn’t been pushed strongly, yet. I would like to think that her being a Hart family member would not only NOT hurt her but help her, but I can never know that for sure. I can say for sure that Natty has been extraordinarily under utilized in the company and hopefully with her being more involved in the Divas Revolution lately she will get her chance to shine.

With all these new divas and old divas and teams being formed, do you think WWE should create a divas tag team title?

Yes absolutely! It’s important for WWE not to over saturate their product with too many championships, but in order for the Divas division to grow I think a Divas Tag Team Championship would be a great addition to the product. Right now there are 3 (ish) major teams of 3 in the Divas Revolution. Team Bella, of which Nikki Bella is the focus, Team BAD, who has fallen into the background, and Team PCB who is having issues. That’s 9 Divas and 1 championship. There just isn’t enough for everyone to do right now. It’d certainly be entertaining to add in a Tag Team Championship amongst them and adds in a new dimension to the 3 way battle among the teams.

I feel bad for Randy Orton. He is a 12-time World Champion, was main eventing Wrestlemania, and was one of WWE's top heels, and now he isn't even on tv with a storyline for the past months. What should wwe do to make Randy relevant again?

The simple answer is that there is only so much room at the top. My answer is re-splitting the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Two World Titles allowed for a larger main event picture and gave 4 guys the spotlight instead of 2 at a time. Right now it’s Seth Rollins and who ever he is facing off against. Programs tend to run at least two PPVs so at least 2 months at a time. Another reason is a ton of mid/upper midcard talent and very little real main event talent. That stems from WWE being so afraid to pull the trigger on new guys. Think about in the last year or two how many up-and-comers WWE has started pushing only to hit the brakes on for no real reason other than fear? Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, I could even make an argument that even though Seth Rollins is extremely successful, that WWE hasn’t REALLY taken their foot off the brake with him. Until beating Sting at Night of Champions Rollins had only had successfully defended his championship without assistance or interference 1 out of 6 times, then they put Rollins under to Cena clean two nights in a row, not exactly confident booking. Randy has been in and out of a long feud with Sheamus. Right now Orton doesn’t have his own feud though he has been in and out of the Ambrose & Reigns vs. Wyatt Family angle. I expect there is a game plan in place for Orton but as for right now it seems like it’s simply a case of one main event storyline and a whole bunch of mid-card storylines, with nothing really for Orton right now. For Orton to become truly relevant again I think he needs to turn heel. Orton was always better at being a heel and the crowd was far more receptive of him as a heel than as a babyface.

Bonus: I saw you mention that you would be worried to see Alicia Fox in a divas MITB match. Why do you feel that way? I would be much more worried to see Tamina in that kind of match.

I’m throwing this question in as a bonus question because it’s specifically directed to me based on a question I answered in my last Ask WNW segment. I would be concerned with Alicia Fox being in a ladder match because I think she’s reckless and sloppy in the ring. I hate to be blunt and negative about wrestlers performances in the ring because what they do is extremely difficult, but it’s part of my job sometimes. A performer who is sloppy in a ladder match could not only injure themselves, but they could seriously injure another wrestler also. As for Tamina, she may not be the most technically sound Diva on the roster, but at least she has the power to make up for it. In the case of safety, that could lead to her being able to make the save or catch for someone who was falling.

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