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Undertaker's Last Wrestlemania, WWE Network Upsell?, The Wolves In WWE, Cesaro's Push

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Will The Undertaker retire after Wrestlemania XXX?

One thing I've always pushed back on is predicting when a worker will retire. The Undertaker is 48 years old and has a good amount of miles on his body. However, every time people think he's done he comes out and steals the show at Wrestlemania. There was some concern about facing Brock Lesnar this year but Undertaker has agreed on his opponent and is a lock for the show this year. Rather than trying to predict when Undertaker will hang it up, realize you are witnessing history every time he performs.

Will WWE Network subscribers have to pay for on-demand content or is it all part of the package?

There are no plans to "upsell" WWE Network subscribers with the on-demand content. The $9.99/month subscription with a 6-month commitment will cover all of the expenses the subscriber will endure for access to the service.

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What absurd reason did Triple H possibly have for not signing such great talents in Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards?

From what I was told, Triple H was concerned about the reputation Davey Richards has for being hard to deal with. There was also a notable blown spot in one of their tryout matches at the WWE NXT tapings. Eddie Edwards didn't share the same reputation as Richards but the interest in them was as a tag team. Their gig in TNA Wrestling is actually better for them as rather than heading to the Performance Center for seasoning, they're enjoying a prominent spot on TNA television.

What are your thoughts on the current push of Cesaro?

I'm enjoying Cesaro's push on WWE television with an interest being put on the Giant Swing. My thoughts on it are "it's about time" as Cesaro is a guy that has Daniel Bryan potential. I can tell you WWE is high up on him but it will be interesting to see how far it goes this time of year. Wrestlemania season is always hard for newer main event talent to emerge on the scene due to the focal point being on Wrestlemania main events.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2007: What happened to Claudio Castagnoli? Didn’t he get a WWE developmental deal? - Castagnoli was given a WWE developmental deal in November 2006; however, he was released before he started to work in their developmental territories. His release remains somewhat of a mystery as it was thought that it had something to do with his work visa and legal status in the United States, however, Castagnoli denied these claims. He said that he wouldn’t have been able to work in Ring of Honor had he not had a visa. Today Castagnoli continues to work the independent wrestling circuits in the United States, recently qualifying for the third round qualifier for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight title.

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