Upcoming PPV Locations, Daniel Bryan's Future, Shane McMahon, Top Stars Friends With Jobbers

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Daniel Bryan

Where will Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber take place respectively next year?

The rumor is Royal Rumble 2014 will take place from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Elimination Chamber will take place from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We just posted details to presale to obtain tickets to Elimination Chamber at this link.

I have heard from multiple people that the work of Daniel Bryan is great, but no one views him as a believable champion for the business. Most people believe he will fall down to the Mid-Card, have great matches and hold the IC / US title. My personal belief is his in ring work is flat out amazing and worthy of top billing, but what do you think Richard?

Whoever you're hearing this from is incorrect. From everything I've heard, Vince McMahon realizes he was wrong on Daniel Bryan and they're playing it up in storylines. We can't predict the future but the tide has turned for Daniel Bryan. He consistently has the best work and is as over as anyone on the roster. As someone that has followed Daniel Bryan since the early 2000s, it's surreal seeing him finally being able to compete at the highest level. I think Bryan will remain at the top of the card or at the very least in the upper mid-card.

Do you see Shane McMahon being involved in the currently Triple H/Vince McMahon storyline?

Anything is possible but it's not likely. Shane McMahon has moved on from his time in WWE and is working for/running You On Demand. You can watch an interview Shane did back in 2012 at this link.

How do you think some of the bigger stars of the WWE feel about their real life friends & their position on the card? For example, Alberto Del Rio being friends with Drew McIntyre, what do you think ADR feels about Drew's position in WWE, especially considering Drew's potential and they way he entered WWE being dubbed "The Chosen One"? Same with CM Punk & Kofi? Can these big stars influence management to look at them differently & try and get them a push? Or do you feel they'd rather work hard and earn the push themselves?

First of all this is a "dog eat dog" business and workers can only be concerned with their own spot. There are only a few spots available at the top and the pay differential is so substantial that it's beyond competitive to land them. While I'm sure Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk want to see their friends have success, they have to look out for their own careers. It doesn't hurt having friends at the top, however, as Punk has been able to get Colt Cabana tryouts but that's about it. Don't forget WWE recently released Del Rio's brother and the brother of Dolph Zigger, as they were working the company's developmental system. If these guys can't save their own brothers, don't read much into them saving their friends.

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