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Updates On Christian & Jericho, John Morrison/WWE, Fandango Scrapped?, Tensai Jobbing

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Is there any sign of Christian or Chris Jericho making their return to the WWE?

Christian has been out due to injury and is expected back next year. Chris Jericho inquired about making a sporadic return but they couldn't agree on dates. There was talk about him appearing at Survivor Series but nothing ever materialized from it. Jericho has a good relationship with WWE but it all comes down to nailing down a desirable number of dates that will appease both sides.

Have you heard anything new on John Morrison returning to the WWE in 2013?

As we reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog last month, John Morrison inquired about returning to WWE and suggested himself as a possible surprise entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match next year. The problem is Morrison only wants a short-term deal that will leave his options open. As we reported here on Premium, Vince McMahon wants more of a long-term commitment.

Has the plug been pulled on Fandango? Will he debut soon? Will he perform as Johnny Curtis again instead? Will he be released? Where is Fandango?

This isn't the first time WWE has run vignettes for a debut and pulled them without any explanation. I'll be honest; I haven't inquired about Fandango because I've been so busy following other stories. I'll see what I can find out but right now it looks like plans have been pushed back if not scrapped altogether.

Why is Tensai getting buried almost every week, I always liked the guy, and think he's a great worker, but is somewhat feels like they re-signed him to put over other talent.

WWE re-signed Matt Bloom to push him as Lord Tensai, an effective heel in the Raw main event scene. Remember his pinfall victory against John Cena? The problem is he couldn't get over, even after several tweaks were made to the gimmick. As things currently stand he's been used in an enhancement role and more comedy as they try and find a spot for him. Bloom wasn't seen as a guy they had to develop but someone they were hoping could come in and fill a main event role. To put it bluntly, it just didn't work out as hoped.

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