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Updates On Sabin & Shelley, Sin Cara A Failure?, Evan Bourne's Rough Year, Jericho Returning To WWE

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What is going on with the Motor City Machine Guns?

Alex Shelley left TNA Wrestling and is working dates over in Japan. WWE is believed to have interest but has been reluctant to hire him due to TNA's ongoing litigation against them. Chris Sabin tore his ACL and required surgery last summer. Sabin's real life girlfriend, Velvet Sky, just recently re-signed with TNA.

Why is Sin Cara still on the WWE payroll considering his disappointing in-ring work, various injuries and past issues with wellness?

WWE hasn't completely given up on Sin Cara despite many fans already labeling him a monumental failure. I actually think the fact Cara, a major star in Mexico, has not been able to ascend to the top of WWE goes to show just how valuable Rey Mysterio is to the company. Triple H is behind Sin Cara and they're still hoping for a possibly Mysterio vs. Cara match at Wrestlemania but so far he hasn't had the success many had hoped.

What happened to Evan Bourne?

Evan Bourne was finishing up a 60-day Wellness suspension after testing positive for synthetic marijuana when he was in a car accident in March where he suffered a mid foot fracture (also known as a LisFranc fracture dislocation). He's been working hard to come back as we've been tracking his progress that you can read about on the Evan Bourne news page.

Do you think Chris Jericho will come back to WWE in 2013?

Chris Jericho left WWE under the assumption he would be back, so yes; I do believe he'll be back at some point next year. Jericho is one of the few people that has had legitimate success outside of the ring and it's awesome he's able to pursue both his dreams. He has a good relationship with WWE and will be back when he can hammer out a deal desirable for both sides.

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