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Utilizing A Wrestler's Lineage, Plan For Cruiserweights, Bayley On Main Roster, Post-Production On Smackdown

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Should lineage wrestlers use their namesake like in the past to capitalize on name recognition? We know it doesn't always work but it should at least be given a chance.

It really depends on the situation. Randy Orton has done just fine as the son of Bob Orton, probably even surpassing the success of his father. There are huge risks to it and it puts a lot of pressure on the second/third generation worker if it doesn’t work. But in the case of someone like Cody Rhodes, what on earth were they thinking with Stardust? Cody got over some rather ridiculous stuff from “Dashing” to Stardust and yet they never fully embraced him as the son of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. What a fitting tribute it would have been for Cody to be revamped after the death of his father as a lovable babyface the crowd could get behind? It could have worked but WWE was intent on keeping the mystique alive with Stardust.

With the Cruiserweights being exclusive to Raw - should the women’s roster have been exclusive to Smackdown?

I think the idea of adding the cruiserweights exclusive to Raw is that it’s the longer show so it will have added time for the division. Remember how WCW Monday Nitro used to open with spectacular cruiserweight wrestling in the first hour? Maybe that is something we can expect in the “new era” of Raw. I’m confused as to how WWE will handle their women and tag teams. Surely they’re going to need more belts, as we’ve heard for over a month there were plans to introduce a second set of tag team titles.

Do you think Bayley will make the jump to the main roster after SummerSlam? If so where would you like for her to end up at? I would think Smackdown.

Bayley and Samoa Joe are both on the short-list to be called up to the main roster but haven’t made the move yet because they have programs to finish up at WWE NXT. Smackdown would be a good place for her and would help bolster the female depth of that roster but they need a title for the women there. One good thing about the women being split on Raw and Smackdown is that we should get a chance to see more of them as opposed to limited opportunities if they were restricted to one brand.

Have we seen the end of audio that's manipulated to skew reality? I'm pretty sure SmackDown used to have boos and cheers edited in.

We have seen the end of post-production on Smackdown, at least the first-run episodes, as they air live just as Raw airs live on Monday night. For nearly a decade readers have asked about WWE altering stuff in post-production and the fact of the matter is, that was just part of the show. The announcers used to have to fly out to Connecticut later in the week to work on things in post-production and that too will now be a thing of the past. Being live does put more pressure on the Smackdown brand as it used to be considered the more relaxed environment because they didn’t have to worry about being live on the USA Network.

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