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Vince McMahon's Reaction To Earnings, Lesnar vs. HHH, Pushing Damien Sandow, Content For The WWE Network

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We all know Vince McMahon is obsessed with ratings and earnings, yet with the PG initiative enforced to help Linda McMahon's Senate campaign and media image these elements seem to be suffering. With the release of WWE's Q3 earnings showing a decline from last year, do you think the company needs to decide whether they want to make money or keep up appearances in the media?

Vince McMahon was pleased with the company's 2012 quarter three earnings and said they were slightly better than expectations. He pointed to the increased pay-per-view buys and social media being "through the roof." He acknowledged being down from the year prior and said it was due to home video and licensing being off, and pointed to the canceled WWE All Stars video game. Vince is very happy with how Raw's expansion is going and touted the fact that Raw and Smackdown are their respective networks top programs. He didn't address the lackluster ratings in recent weeks or declining audience as shows go on, however, that's his position as of the call on Tuesday morning.

Did WWE drop the program between Brock Lesnar and Triple H?

The program between Triple H and Brock Lesnar was ran as a hot shot angle to headline SummerSlam. It did it's job by blowing up the buyrate and WWE officials are very pleased with the result. There was talk earlier in the year about using Lesnar at Survivor Series but as I discussed here in the WNW Premium Mailbag, it's going to be difficult to get Lesnar on the pay-per-view given the fact they are overseas for all but one episode of Raw leading into Survivor Series.

In Richard Reacts to WWE Hell in a Cell you mentioned about WWE possibly breaking up Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Don't you think this would be a mistake considering how good they look as a tag team?

From what I've been told Vince McMahon is growing impatient and really wants to push Damien Sandow as a singles star. If/when Vince decides to do this, it's inevitable he will have to break away from Cody Rhodes. However, given the fact all we know is Vince wants to push Sandow, it's not enough to say they are going to split the tag team anytime soon. Vince is currently high up on the tag division but no one knows how long that will last. I agree that Team Rhodes Scholars has been impressive.

In light of the new details regarding the WWE Network how is WWE going to fill an entire network full of programming without the shows that already have television deals?

WWE officials maintain content is not their problem and immediately point to their massive tape library in which only a portion has been digitized. They will also point to the shows they have already taped for the network as well as the WWE Studios library, their developmental system and other programming prospects. This is one area where I am in agreement with WWE as they have more than enough content it's just will they be able to get enough clearances from cable/satellite providers and will people then buy the network? Vince said on Thursday all the major players plan to carry the network and revealed a detailed survey that a consulting firm did on WWE's audience. The big question now is when the network will launch which I think is pretty clear won't be this year.

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