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Stephanie & Vince McMahon

How does Vince McMahon react to hyper crowds? Does he find it funny or get upset when the crowd "flips the script," like what we saw for Raw in New Jersey or the crowds overseas?

I think WWE would take a hyper and over-enthusiastic crowd over a dead one any day of the week. WWE knows there are some cities with "smarter" fans that do not always follow along with current storylines but they book around it. Vince McMahon is rather quirky and there's really no guessing his mood behind-the-scenes, however, there is a method to his madness as he's the reason WWE is the clear worldwide leader. The company pays a lot of attention to how crowds react and they play an important part in booking and other decisions.

With John Cena lobbying for WWE to bring Wrestlemania to London, can you ever see it happening?

If there's one thing I'll stress in every question I answer it's that anything is possible in the pro wrestling business. Just when we think something is impossible, Bret Hart ends up back in a WWE ring shaking the hand of Shawn Michaels. However, I tend to agree with Jim Ross on this one and that is not being live in North America on a Sunday night at 7 PM ET is a deal breaker. Wrestlemania plays an integral part in WWE's business and even though they're a company focused on global expansion, they rely on the benefits of their flagship show of the year being live in this continent. John was playing to the crowd and I've heard from several people that attended that he was great.

With WWE Classics ON Demand ending on January 1, 2014, does this signal the arrival of the WWE Network next year?

This is a piece of news you may have missed over the weekend. WWE is in the process of contacting carriers to inform them of the cancelation of WWE Classics on Demand. We've been here before, as the same thing happened two years ago, but yes this is being done in preparation for the WWE Network. The plan as of now is for the WWE Network to launch at some point next year but again, it was expected to launch in 2012 as well.

You make a clear and compelling case for why Hulk Hogan should not work John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX. But let's say Hogan was willing to participate in Wrestlemania in some other capacity and his asking price was not too unreasonable: how would you use him? Do you think he could handle a tag team match, maybe teaming up with someone in line for a major push against The Real Americans? Or maybe the guest referee in one of the main events? Is there a scenario you can think of where Hogan would be a good fit?

I would just rather see someone other than Hulk Hogan get the opportunity. There's no way Hogan is going to be able to have a good match, in any scenario, so why force feed him just to get his name on the show (remember Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XXVI)? Hulk Hogan is a legend, the most iconic name of the pro wrestling business, but it's time to move on. I loved Michael Jordan but I don't want to see him play an NBA game at 50. It's the same situation here.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012:What’s the latest on the launch of the WWE Network? - The proposed April 1, 2012 launch date of the WWE Network has been delayed. The hang-up has to do with the lack of clearances on cable and satellite systems. WWE went forward with a plan to promote the network despite no firm plan of clearances in hopes the public demand would help speed up negotiations with provides. So far, no firm clearance plan is in place so the launch date has been pushed back. I’m hoping we will find out more in the investor conference call with Vince McMahon later this month.

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