Warrior & Savage In The WWE Hall Of Fame, World Title, Superstars On Commentary, Dudley Boys To WWE?

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What are the odds the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage will be accepted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I actually heard there is interest in inducting Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania XXIX weekend next year. Whether or not a deal gets done remains to be seen but I found it was interesting his name was already being mentioned as a potential Hall of Fame candidate. As for Randy Savage, we all know of the issues between him and Vince McMahon that blocked him from the company for latter part of his life. Savage was unbanned in death as the company paid tribute to him although I do not know his status of a possible posthumous induction.

Given the fact the brand extension is essentially over what's the point in having the World Heavyweight Championship?

The brand extension is over in terms of television, however, it is still used for WWE's touring schedule. Having both a WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship gives WWE an opportunity to expand the main event scene and I feel two world titles are warranted. It's amazing how many people want to see another secondary title yet are upset about two world titles.

What is your opinion on active WWE superstars joining commentary? I enjoy it and feel it adds to programming.

A lot of readers were high up on The Miz on commentary on this week's WWE Raw. Two workers I enjoy hearing on commentary are CM Punk and Chris Jericho. So to answer your question the usage of active workers on commentary can be an asset if done correctly and with the right worker.

Do the Dudley Boys have to wait 90 days before they can sign with WWE or can they sign right away?

Devon is gone from TNA Wrestling and he has been teasing a return to WWE. Bully Ray has kept his contract status close to his vest with the only thing known being his TNA contract was coming up. With that being said, I can confirm neither have WWE deals as of this writing and can tell you WWE has not been hiring former TNA names because of the ongoing litigation. A 90-day non-compete agreement is not in effective with an expiring contract as the clause is used when an agreement is terminated early. I talked about non-competes in detail in Monday's Premium Mailbag at this link.

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