Weight Of Elimination Chamber, Has Rock Surpassed Hogan?, NXT's Time To Shine

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How legitimate is WWE’s claim about the weight of the Elimination Chamber structure?

Stephanie McMahon stated earlier this year the structure weighs 10 tons and was becoming increasingly hard to hang in arenas due to bigger scoreboards. That’s actually why Elimination Chamber was changed to Fastlane. Now that WWE is bringing back the Chamber, does that mean it will become an annual event? That is certainly a possibility and will probably hinge on how successful they are in a couple of weeks. However, it’s also important to remember that wherever they hold the show, the building has to be able to accommodate the heavy structure.

The Rock is back in the news with his San Andreas film coming up next weekend. I saw you Tweeted “greatest of all time” at him today. I was curious, do you believe he’s overtaking Hulk Hogan on the “Mount Rushmore of Sports Entertainment (Pro Wrestling)?”

It’s so difficult to make lists of the “greatest of all time,” especially in a business like sports entertainment where the outcomes are predetermined. I’ve used Ask WNW as an outlet to discuss my “Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestlers” in the past and we could plugin different names and debate them all day long. Is The Rock more successful than Hulk Hogan? It depends on who you ask and what you consider to be successful.

What I love about The Rock is that he seems to be unaffected by his success outside of the ring. He’s a great ambassador for WWE, still respects the business and is still a major draw. Pro wrestling or sports entertainment (I’ve begun using the terms interchangeably) is a “me-centric” business because everyone wants that top spot. However, in the case of The Rock, he’s not above helping others. He did the honors to John Cena, he’s given advice to Roman Reigns, he works shows that he doesn’t have to work.

When I read Rock’s interviews or his activity on social media, I see someone that “gets it,” that’s down to earth and is what I believe some of the younger talent in WWE should aspire to be. I remember when The Rock first returned to WWE a little under 5 years ago and I pushed back on all the hate about the “part-timers,” saying some of these guys need to stop complaining and start learning. I realize it’s not always that easy but The Rock is the perfect example of what a “WWE Superstar” should be in and out of the ring. He’s the GOAT.

Do you expect WWE NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable to be WWE’s best show in a “3 pay-per-view” month?

TakeOver: Unstoppable should be an outstanding show, I just hate Hideo Itami isn’t going to be able to compete. It will likely overshadow both Extreme Rules and Payback — especially in the eyes of the IWC — but remember, NXT is a product geared towards a different audience. Tonight’s show is for the Internet Wrestling Community. For the hardcore Internet fans. NXT is the new “super indy,” where there is an emphasis on in-ring work in a controlled intimate environment. The show should garner glowing reviews because it’s what so many of us want to see more of on the main WWE roster.

What I will be interested in monitoring is how this show impacts the main WWE roster. I know many main roster workers — male and female — get frustrated over the NXT shows because the feeling is the talent get a much bigger opportunity to be successful. And they do, especially the Divas. WWE puts talent in a position to succeed on the NXT shows and so far, it’s been a treat to watch.

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