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WWE Wellness Testing Top Talent, Where’s Petey Williams?, Vince/Cena Backstage Blowout, Edge Working Again

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With recent pictures of The Rock hitting the web showing him with increased muscle mass for his new body building movie, is it possible he is using steroids? And if so, is there an exception in WWE for him since he is just a part timer? His increase in mass just doesn't seem natural.

I don't want to speculate who is on the gas and who isn't on the gas, we can all look at someone's body and make an educated guess but I don't feel comfortable going on record with a harsh accusation. As for Wellness testing and part-time talent, does anyone believe that WWE is going to pull The Rock, Brock Lesnar or John Cena from Wrestlemania? Take a look at the WWE Suspensions page and tell me of a situation where major plans (aside from Jeff Hardy, which is an entirely different situation) were blown up because of a Wellness failure. I hate to be a pessimist but the WWE Wellness Policy is nothing more than a public relations initiative and while the locker room has cleaned up considerably, the testing/failures in WWE appear to be very calculated.

Plain and simple: where's Petey Williams?

Petey Williams has bounced around the independent circuit since his TNA release in 2009. He had a stint with Lucha Libre USA and has worked random independent dates. The last match on record I have for Williams is a successful CLASH Heavyweight Championship defense against Blue Ranger on October 20, 2012. You can read results at this link.

Will John Cena's backstage blowout with Vince McMahon spark major changes to the product?

Aside from the "affair" angle with AJ Lee, I don't see many repercussions from the backstage spat between John Cena and Vince McMahon. The argument was over time off and when Cena would come back. It turned out Cena wasn't able to work Hell in a Cell but he'll be back in the main event at Survivor Series on Sunday. John is still "the guy" although this was one of the more public blowouts I can remember.

With Edge having successful neck surgery, is there a chance we may see him in a WWE ring again?

While Edge has been known to say one thing and do another, it's pretty safe to say his days in the ring are over. Edge's neck is a mess and one bad bump could severely injure him and destroy his quality of life.

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