What TNA's Lawsuit Against WWE Means, WWE Reverting Back To WWF?, What's Wrong With Kevin Nash

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Can you explain TNA's lawsuit against WWE and what it means for both companies?

TNA Wrestling filed the lawsuit against former employee Brian Wittenstein and WWE, alleging that Wittenstein provided WWE with confidential information and trade secrets while he was an employee earlier this year. Prior to the lawsuit being filed in late-May, WWE contacted TNA to let them know that Wittenstein had provided them with confidential information. TNA believes WWE was using the information to obtain Ric Flair (and other wrestlers with expiring deals) and that WWE delayed Wittenstein's termination by three weeks after obtaining the information. As for what it all means, do not expect WWE to hire anyone that worked for TNA while Wittensten was an employee there until the lawsuit is over. WWE has the money and resources to tie the case up in court for years so who gets hurt is anyone that has worked for TNA that would like a shot in WWE. TNA's objective is to not only show their roster is of value but that it cannot be poached by WWE when more money is offered.

Do you see WWE going back to being WWF now that the lawsuit World Wildlife Federation filed (now World Wildlife Fund) has been settled?

I do not know the formalities behind WWE's settlement with the World Wildlife Fund other than WWE no longer has to blur out the old WWF logos. I do not see WWE reverting back to their old name, even if they are allowed to use it, due to the amount of money and resources spent on brand awareness.

What were your thoughts on Kevin Nash's disrespectful comments about Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero?

Kevin Nash has the right to say whatever he wants although I, along with most, disagree with what he said about Benoit and Guerrero as champions. It's funny how upset Nash has the ability to make people but I think it all boils down to the fact he's bored. Nash is sitting around with plenty of money in the bank, looking for something to entertain him. Remember in June when Nash Tweeted he was running Raw only to say social media was his PS3? Nash's comments keep the emails, Tweets and texts coming and he finds them extremely entertaining.

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