What's Going On With Ask WNW?

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What’s going on with Ask WNW? It hasn’t been a regular feature on the website since Wrestlemania 31. Have you quit?

Thanks for all the support. Keep being you guys, it's pretty cool.

I’m just kidding.

From June 2007 to March 2015 I answered four questions a day five days a week. Yes, I took the occasional day off or missed the occasional week due to vacation or holiday but for the most part, you could find me answering questions every weekday right here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

So what happened?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened. No, I didn’t run out of questions. No, I’m not retiring or walking out on the readers of Wrestling News World. No, it’s not the beginning of the demise of the website. It’s not sad or controversial, there is no dramatic backstory.

I’m simply taking a breaking from answering questions.

For nearly eight years, Ask WNW was the way I began the work day. As the feature grew, so did my effort level. The responses grew more detailed and the feature became more and more time consuming. The results were great and I’m greatly humbled by the level of support.

But I am also human.

My work days are in excess of 12 hours each day. I wear a lot of different hats here at Wrestling News World that don’t even get into my life offline with my family. I simply needed a break.

Please understand I am not trying to play the victim or make people feel sorry for me, I simply needed a break. There is no controversy or dramatic backstory or anything of that nature. I didn’t even want to address it but Jesse Sherwood recommended that I take a second to clue the readers in, so that is what I’m doing.

When will Ask WNW be back?

I don’t know. I have been plucking a question or two from the box and bringing it here and that is something I look to continue. I have read the comments and I know some people want "the old way" and it’s not that I’m ruling that out but I am taking a break.

I am a self-admitted workaholic but after nearly eight years, I am forcing myself to take some time off and recharge my batteries. There is nothing more to the story, there is no drama or controversy.

I thank you for your continued support of WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

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