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What's Next For Cena, Adjustments For Lucha Libres, MITB Swerve, Another Scenario For WWE Title, The New Kliq

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It seems for the first time in a long time there is a lack of creative direction for John Cena. After an extended program with Bray Wyatt, where does creative go with him from here?

We reported on May 23, 2014 here on that a John Cena vs. Sheamus (with Sheamus turning) program was discussed for some time this summer. However, that was before it was learned that Daniel Bryan would be unable to return at Money in the Bank. I expect Cena back into the title picture and would be surprised if he didn't qualify for the title match at the upcoming pay-per-view.

You've mentioned several times that Mexican wrestlers sometimes have trouble adapting to WWE's wrestling style because they approach wrestlers from the other side. Can you expound on this?

Lucha libres are trained to work from the right side of the body, which is opposite from the preferred left side the rest of the world uses. Chris Jericho explained the transition in detail in his first book "A Lion's Tale." While I'm not a pro wrestler, I would compare it to playing golf left handed after being trained to play right handed. It's backwards and causes an adjustment period. As we saw with Sin Cara, one of the top workers in Mexico, a transition to WWE's style was anything but easy. It also shows just how great Rey Mysterio is and how valuable he is as a top in ring worker.

What would you think of a scenario at Money in the Bank where two superstars are at the top of the ladder and each grabs a different title, thus breaking up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

This would be a swerve finish and as I talked about earlier in the week, I don't think it solves WWE's Daniel Bryan problem. I wasn't for the unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight titles to begin with but now that we're here, a new "champion of champions" needs to be crowned to offset the current loss. I laid out two feasible options, one with Seth Rollins going over, another with Brock Lesnar going over. Either way, WWE needs to a new name to receive top billing to promote in a SummerSlam program with Daniel Bryan.

It's quite possible the Money in the Bank winner will drop the belt to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. So with this in mind, who do you think they'll put the belt on at the PPV?

It is possible but it's also possible that Brock Lesnar comes back early due to the injury to Daniel Bryan. Out of the current participants in the title match at Money in the Bank, there is only one I would like to see go over. That one was determined in a qualifying match on this week's Smackdown. I don't want to spoil it but you can read about it here. Now, I've given three possible directions for the title match at Money in the Bank.

While I am sure there are still some in the crowd that are anti-Cena, do you feel the "let's go Cena/Cena sucks" chants are becoming more like when fans chanted "you suck" at Kurt Angle?

It's possible the Cena sucks/let's go Cena chants have become more of normalized crowd behavior, however, I believe there is still a large anti-Cena segment in WWE's fan base. Many are tired of Cena's character and unfairly judge his in-ring work based on the lack of progression. It's kind of how Batista gets blamed for Daniel Bryan getting buried and CM Punk quitting, when he's responsible for neither. I would like to see more progression to the Cena character but he's had far too many good matches to claim that he cannot wrestle.

The Kliq was known in the 1990s for having tremendous power and backstage influence. Who do you see as the modern day Kliq?

The Kliq still exists today! In fact, we can make the argument it's stronger than ever. Triple H is next in line to Vince McMahon, Batista is back, Ric Flair is coming back, The New Age Outlaws are producers, Scott Hall is in the Hall of Fame, Kevin Nash has a Legends deal and Shawn Michaels has a big-money contract that doesn't require him to wrestle. Hunter's power and influence is unrivaled and the fact of the matter is, if he sees something in a talent, they get pushed. If he doesn't, it's up to Vince McMahon to see something in that performer. If a worker doesn't have the support of Vince or Hunter, their chances of success are very slim.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2013: What’s the status of Evan Borne? - Evan Bourne’s status in WWE is similar to the status of Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, or the original Sin Cara. He’s under WWE contract but he’s not being used. I was told prior to SummerSlam that Bourne let the company know he was cleared to compete but there wasn’t interest in using him. At this point I’m unsure when he’ll be brought back if at all. Triple H has this new thing where they do not release main roster stars unless what they do is something so blatant there is no other choice. Instead, the company is opting to let deals come up and not re-signing them. I’ve termed this the “don’t fire anybody” edict.

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