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What's Next For The Miz, Masked Kane, Turning John Cena Heel, CM Punk's Character

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With WWE breaking up Awesome Truth, what's next for The Miz?

The plan to break up Awesome Truth was last minute as I had heard prior to Monday's Raw Supershow there were plans to keep them together. It was pretty common knowledge that R-Truth was also seen smoking Spice, so apparently WWE decided to go into a different direction. The Miz is a main event talent on Raw and I look for him to be booked in another top feud.

Kane masked or unmasked - which do you prefer?

WWE hurt the Kane character when they took the mask off it. The company had an angle in place to bring him back under the mask a few years ago but when it leaked online, WWE blew it up. Given the new return trailer, it looks like there are once again plans to bring back masked Kane. The mystery of Kane without the mask is lost so hopefully he'll have another good run with it.

Am I the only one who thinks that if the WWE writers have any sense, they will have John Cena go over dirty on The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII, going for the full heel turn therefore passing the torch and giving Cena absolutely atomic heat from the fans for the foreseeable future? What are your thoughts?

You are absolutely not the only one and many people have suggested this same scenario. The problem is, it's not the call of the writers and it's going to come down to Vince McMahon. While McMahon has considered a Cena heel turn over the years, he's backed out at the last minute. Some type of character progression needs to take place with The Rock not returning full-time so hopefully we will see it. McMahon is not cluing the writers in on what he plans on doing at this time. As you can imagine this is making things increasingly frustrated for the creative team to book.

Do you think after the success of CM Punk as a babyface he'll ever go back to a heel?

CM Punk is like Randy Orton in that he can work as a loved babyface and a hated heel. His opinionated personality helps him get over as both. WWE is going to ride his latest babyface turn out but he could be successful as a heel again.

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