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When Does Punk Drop The Title?, WWE HOF Possibilities, Evaluating New Talent, WNW & WWE

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Seeing now that he is over 400 days, how much longer do you think CM Punk will hold the WWE Championship?

The plan has been for months to do CM Punk vs. The Rock at Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. Due to the fact the WWE roster is very thin and Punk is over like rover, his title reign has been extended to historic proportions. The big question now is when does he drop it and who does he drop it too? I'm not crazy about Rock (a part-timer) over Punk, just like I wasn't crazy about Rock over Cena but I don't see how Rock can go under at Royal Rumble and have appeal for Wrestlemania. He's confirmed for Elimination Chamber so if I'm booking, I'm putting Rock over at Royal Rumble, having him successfully defend at Elimination Chamber and drop it at Wrestlemania in the ultimate "passing of the torch." The outcomes are unknown and this is my scenario much like you can come up with your own scenario.

I know the same as everyone else as to why Bruno Sammartino and Owen Hart won't enter the WWE Hall of Fame any time soon, but what would it do for the WWE if they could induct them? After all, they do seem very eager to induct both of them and even though Bruno himself doesn't want to, they don't seem to have an 'If he doesn't want us, we don't want him' attitude.

Martha Hart, the widow of Owen, has blocked him from being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame despite many in the company pushing for it to happen. Triple H has met with Bruno Smmartino about inducting him next year but he doesn't want too because of his strained relationship with Vince McMahon. I heard Hunter put on a "full court press" to get him to agree but so far, the only likely name for next year's Hall of Fame is Mick Foley. I don't know how else to answer this question other than Owen is extremely unlikely because of Martha and Bruno says no because of Vince. Foley at this point has been ordered to be protected because he is the potential face of next year's class.

I know it's still very early on in their WWE careers and you don't like answering questions like this, but if you could only pick one, who do you think has the brightest future? Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, The Shield, Big E Langston? In my opinion I think they all have bright furthers, but there's just something about Cesaro that reads face of the company to me.

What I don't like about this question is it's impossible to give a satisfactory response. We haven't seen enough of any of them (in WWE) to gauge their longevity. It's also important to remember that looks can be deceiving as two years ago Wade Barrett seemed ready to break out and heading into 2013, he's nothing more than a midcard talent. However, based on what we have seen, Antonio Cesaro is the "right now" prospect high on the WWE radar but even he has many hurdles to cross before entering the main event. Sandow is a guy Vince McMahon likes but he hasn't come close to reaching his full potential. The Shield tore down the house at WWE TLC in a match of the year candidate although it's still a very small body of work to make any sort of long-term judgment. I'm unable to judge Big E Langston at all until I at least see him work a match.

I was wondering if you could give us more details about your relationship with WWE. I've recently read that you are contacted on a regular basis by WWE representatives concerning the content of your website despite how they blatantly bury internet websites regardless of their actual value. So simply put, what kind of discussions and information do you generally talk about?

WWE has employees designated to handle the company's relationship with the media and their job is to communicate with us to help maintain the accuracy of information. There are times WWE will contact us over stories and there are times when I will contact them for confirmation. However, my sources maintain the highest level of priority in bringing information to the readers of Wrestling News World. I have many close relationships that help me break stories before anyone else and I always stand by my sources.

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