Where Is Big Show?, John Cena’s Surgery, Dolph Ziggler & The MITB Briefcase, CM Punk As A Heel

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Why has Big Show been off television?

As noted here on Richard's Backstage Blog, Big Show is not injured and is out on requested time off. He was on WWE's overseas tour of Australia earlier this month and should be back shortly.

Is the news of John Cena's surgery legitimate?

We were actually blindsided with the news of John Cena's having surgery given the fact we were told the plan was (and apparently still is) to do Cena vs. CM Punk again at Hell in a Cell. The surgery took place Tuesday in Alabama but we are still gathering more information as this seemingly came "out of the blue." I posted an article earlier featuring quotes from Dr. James Andrews, who performed the surgery. You can read it at this link.

Is Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase limited to the World Heavyweight Championship?

Yes, the way they did the Money in the Bank ladder matches, one briefcase was for the WWE Championship (won by John Cena) with the other being for the World Heavyweight Championship (won by Dolph Ziggler). There has been a lot of talk of Ziggler "cashing in" so with every show, especially every pay-per-view, I wait for it to happen but so far it has not.

With CM Punk's heel turn not seeming to work, do you see WWE making him babyface?

CM Punk's heel turn is working. While his fans are always going to be his fans, he's over as a heel and I laugh every time I see a critical comment come through regarding Punk's attitude. Punk is a genius and is doing exactly what was intended to happen with his character. If you're annoyed by Punk, you've been worked.

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