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Who Pushed To Replace AJ Lee, Brock Lesnar At HIAC?, Booking 3MB, Adult Content On WWE TV

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What exactly is a "managing supervisor" and how is Vickie Guerrero's new role different from that of a General Manager?

I don't know the logic behind re-treading Vickie Guerrero as the Raw Managing Supervisor rather than the General Manager. Perhaps they wanted to give her a tryout period before having her land the on-screen role. As we reported back in September here on Premium, Triple H had been very vocal that AJ Lee ran her course as the Raw GM and they needed to replace her. A couple names were talked about but ultimately they decided to go with Vickie once again. We'll see where it goes but the company is clearly hoping Vickie continues to draw tremendous heat.

What is the point in booking Ryback vs. CM Punk? I understand John Cena isn't ready to go but what about using Brock Lesnar?

WWE is currently pushing Ryback as a babyface and CM Punk as a heel. There are a number of reasons for not using Brock Lesnar in the main event, including burning through dates for a B-level show and overexposing him but Vince McMahon wanted a babyface to oppose Punk. Pretty much everyone has cautioned Ryback isn't ready but Vince has been determined and when he gets determined, watch out. It's interesting you mentioned Brock though as I've been told (and reported as much) that Lesnar's name has come up in creative meetings about potentially costing Ryback the Hell in a Cell match against Punk.

What is the deal with Heath Slater and the 3 Man Bad? Are they a legitimate heel stable or nothing more than comedy characters?

Let's see a show of hands from the readers that believe a stable comprised of Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal will get a legitimate run as a heel faction. I can't see the results but I'm pretty sure no hands are up. I discussed this in detail here on the WNW Premium Mailbag but it really feels like 3MB is one of those "spur of the moment" creative decisions.

Why doesn't WWE book content geared towards their older audience?

WWE will claim a lot of the actual wrestling matches booked on their programming are for the older [and more informed fan base]. When the company was shifting to the PG initiative they went too far with it and Vince McMahon admitted as much (I would have never believed it but I heard it from Vince's mouth myself). A lot of the problems lately, at least from a creative prospective, is due to a team of writers and producers that are beyond burnt out.

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