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Who Travels On WWE's Jet, Why I'm So High Up On John Cena, Return Of Brock Lesnar

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Who travels from week to week on the corporate WWE jet?

I know I’ve answered this before, explaining that Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and other key WWE officials get to fly to shows on the corporate jet with occasional boardings from known Superstars and Divas. However, I saw former creative team writer Kevin Eck wrote about it today on Facebook and thought I would share his response:

Typically a handful of writers get to take the jet with Vince, Hunter, Stephanie and Kevin Dunn.

You can read his original response from Facebook at this link and check out more fascinating material from Kevin at this link.

OK, I saw your post about John Cena being an awesome person and your Tweet about how he’s a class act but come on, it’s not like Cena is the only person that does good deeds in WWE. Why are you so high up on him?

You’re right, John Cena is not the only WWE personality to do good deeds. There are many that do awesome things. Titus O’Neil is a great role model as a father, Darren Young an advocate for equality, AJ Lee raises awareness about rescue pets and who can forget the story of Connor Michalek and Daniel Bryan?

Not only do the Superstars and Divas in WWE make a difference but the company is known for doing many things that benefit charities and communities. Please understand, I see that, realize it and we cover as many feel good stories as we possibly can (I love them) but we also have to understand that not everyone is John Cena.

John Cena possesses a higher degree of star power than anyone on the WWE roster and has been the face of the company for more than a decade. He is “the guy.” I know that makes a lot of people upset but Cena is the No. 1 and because of that, he possesses the extraordinary ability to impact someone’s life just by acknowledging their presence. Literally, just by meeting with a fan, signing an autograph or taking a photo, Cena can have a profound impact on their life.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I believe Cena is this blameless angelic being dropped straight down from heaven to grace us with his presence. John Cena is human just like you and I are human and there are plenty of things that we can break apart. Cena is very famous and as a result, there are all kinds of stories out there about him — and probably twice as many negative stories as positive ones.

But here’s the thing. When John Cena is meeting with children — often times very sick or terminally ill children — nothing else matters. I don’t care about in-ring work or character or what media request he didn’t accept or what interviewer he blew up on or who he didn’t take a photo with or what “up and coming” Superstar he held down or what he does in his personal life. It’s important to put what John is doing in its proper context.

What we saw after this week’s Raw — with Cena singling out the young fan with the “I’m Beating Cancer” sign and bringing them into the ring — is something we all just need to pause on and think just how cool that is. John goes above and beyond anything he ever has to do and I believe he does so because he knows the impact that he can have a young fan’s life, especially on young kids that could have their lives unfairly cut short due to illness.

As a father, my admiration for John grows as I see how he treats children that are in so desperate need of something positive. I respect the heck out of him for it and believe because of his actions, the world is a better place. We can debate the other stuff all day long but when we’re talking about the face of the WWE literally making a young fan’s dream come true, nothing else matters.

What’s the latest on the return of Brock Lesnar?

WWE released multiple dates that will feature Brock Lesnar to venues for promotional purposes over the weekend. We know he’s being advertised for the company’s July tour of Japan and later that month for Battleground. Creative is working on reintroducing him into storylines and we revealed some of those discussions earlier in the week here on Wrestling News World Premium. The note to make is that Lesnar will be back next month and we’re expecting a main event match at SummerSlam.

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