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Why Austin Aries Is TNA Champ, Dolph Ziggler A Top Star, Undertaker & Retirement, Revamped WWE NXT

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Do you believe TNA put the TNA Championship on Austin Aries as a show of confidence in him or to prevent him from leaving once his contract is up?

Austin Aries re-signed with TNA Wrestling in May despite interest from WWE and while one could assume his title reign was a reward based on loyalty, I'm under the impression it was a result of Hulk Hogan being high up on him. On Tuesday, I reported a backstage story about how a "friendly argument" between Hogan and Bruce Prichard ultimately ended with Aries as champion. You can read that story at this link. If you are not yet a Premium Member, you can sign-up now at this link.

If Ric Flair does return to WWE, I think he would be the ideal person to take Dolph Zigger to the next level with a major title run. What do you think?

I am high up on Dolph Ziggler and feel he's ready for a shot as a top talent, however, I'm not sure I understand your argument about Ric Flair. Do you think he could serve as a manager for Ziggler? At any rate, we're getting ahead of ourselves as any hope Flair had of quickly defecting from TNA to WWE was killed with TNA's lawsuit. I could see a strong argument being made for Ziggler going over in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view on Sunday.

When do you think that The Undertaker will retire?

Many speculated this year's match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII with The Undertaker going 20-0 would be his last, however, Undertaker felt great after the match and reportedly has more left in the tank. I've even heard there has been talk of him working before Wrestlemania XXIX next year. We'll see what happens but it wouldn't be wise to begin projecting Undertaker's retirement.

What are your thoughts on the revamped WWE NXT? Wrestlers like Seth Rollins and Richie Steamboat definitely have what it takes to be big stars, but I'm not sure NXT provides the right platform for them to get over.

The revamped version of WWE NXT seems to be win-win and I wish there was wider television clearance for the series in the United States. Not only does it give WWE developmental talents the opportunity to participate on a platform featuring upgraded production, the international TV deals allow them to make more money. You weren't specific in your criticism so I can only guess why you feel it doesn't provide talent like Seth Rollins and Richie Steamboat the right platform to get over but I disagree and think it provides a perfect "step-up" to main WWE programming.

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