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Why Cena's Still A Babyface, Morrison & Ryder, How WWE Network Will Change Things, Big Show

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Did WWE miss a perfect opportunity to turn John Cena heel following last night's Survivor Series main event?

As I reported yesterday here on Premium, Vince McMahon has been adamant about not turning John Cena heel even though the writers understand he's the heel in the program with The Rock regardless of how he is booked. McMahon is scared to turn him but I will agree something has to be done. Not only is Cena generating more heat than ever, he looks secondary in the ring with The Rock. What I mean by that is The Rock looked like the major star last night, not Cena and certainly not The Miz and R-Truth.

How much longer will Dolph Ziggler hold the WWE US Championship and why doesn't WWE give John Morrison or Zack Ryder a reign with it?

John Morrison's WWE contract is expiring and it's believed he will not re-sign. I don't know why WWE did Morrison vs. Ziggler and not Ryder vs. Ziggler considering how over Ryder is, especially in New York City. I can't give you an answer as to how much longer Ziggler will hold the title but it looks like a match against Zack Ryder at next month's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view makes sense, especially with the post-match run-in last night.

How will the WWE Network change WWE broadcasting and will it be available outside the United States?

The WWE Network is going to alter the business in that it's going to be the first network of its kind. The current WWE television deals for Raw Supershow and Smackdown will remain in place throughout their duration. Vince McMahon feels it's important these deals remain intact because they are great to create awareness for the forthcoming WWE Network. If Wrestlemania XXVIII is broadcast on the WWE Network, it's going to alter the pay-per-view model which I feel is outdated. A lot of readers want to know of the international plans for the WWE Network and so little has been confirmed about how the network will gain clearance in the US, it's anyone's guess as to what happens internationally. WWE is committed to international expansion and they aren't going to leave out these valuable markets.

Why is Big Show repeatedly pushed for the World Heavyweight Championship? Isn't he a Raw superstar?

Technically Big Show is a Raw superstar, however, WWE wanted his return program to be against Mark Henry (who wrote him off TV). The program has produced two terrible PPV match outcomes, deeming the extended program useless. I'll have more today in my Richard Reacts to Survivor Series.

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