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Why Cody Rhodes Was Buried, New WWE Title Belt, WWE & Social Media, Worst Mistake In History

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I know Cody Rhodes has had a match in the last couple of weeks but what is his status backstage?

As we've seen on WWE television, Cody Rhodes is in a program with Sin Cara where he is trying to remove his mask. As for Rhodes being buried, it had to do with a positive Wellness test that he tried to deny. We have much more at this link. With that being said, Rhodes is currently a mid-card worker.

We have heard multiple times about a new WWE Championship belt. As CM Punk said the title needs to change and that left me with the impression that he will be the one to do it. What is going on with that and when can we expect to see the new WWE belt?

I have heard for years the company has considered replacing the WWE Championship "spinner" belt but Vince McMahon has kept it due to how well the belt sells. In recent months, CM Punk has continued to tease a new title belt (with rumblings as recent as last weekend) but it's become one of those things I'll have to see to believe.

I cannot stand how WWE is constantly ramming this social media craze down our necks with Twitter, Tout, etc. I feel it's starting to ruin Raw for me personally and I would like to know how you feel about it and why they are doing it?

I get annoyed with all the social media mentions as much as anyone else. Even before WWE's latest partnership with Twitter, I was beginning to wonder if the company was a silent investor. We know they are a $5 million investor in Tout which is why they heavily promote it. As for why it is done, it's free promotion. More and more people are turning to social media to stay informed with what is going on and share information and media with their friends. With that being said you can follow us on Twitter @wnwnews and on Facebook at

What was the worst mistake in WWE history?

Normally I shy away from questions such as this because they are widely debatable, however, I have to think the planned "funeral" for the Mr. McMahon character that was scheduled the night we learned of the death of Chris Benoit (June 25, 2007) and his family was the worst mistake in WWE history. Not only that but the tribute show that replaced it as we learned of the heinous details behind the crimes Benoit committed in the final days of his life.

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