Why Fans Aren't Sold On Del Rio vs. Sheamus, When Vince Will Step Aside, The Failure Of Tensai, Ryback's Future

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Can you explain the booking of Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus? It is very boring and uninspiring.

The lack of interest in Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus has to do with fans not sold on either as main event stars. Not everyone feels this way but I've noticed several readers have voiced their displeasure over the program. I was talking with one of my WWE sources yesterday and they commented about Sheamus is one of Triple H's guys who he sees carrying the company at the top. My source and I don't see it and understand Sheamus isn't terrible but he also doesn't have the same "feel" as someone like John Cena, CM Punk or Randy Orton. WWE is sticking with it because these are two stars tapped to fill the main event void in the company.

How long do you think it will be until Triple H and Stephanie McMahon full takeover for Vince McMahon in running WWE?

Vince McMahon turns 67-years-old today (Friday, August 24th) and he's not slowing down. Vince has given Triple H more power with Stephanie running creative but at the end of the day, he makes the final call on everything. Vince McMahon is "hands on" and is a workaholic that hardly sleeps. I honestly do not believe Vince is the type of guy that can just "retire" and his tenure will end either when he dies or can no longer physically or mentally perform the duties necessary to run WWE's day-to-day operations. However, with Vince closing in on 70, he's been smart enough to make changes so if something would happen to him the company will continue,.

Do you feel the increasingly obvious failure of the Tensai gimmick is the fault of the WWE or Matt Bloom?

The catch-all scapegoat is to blame a gimmick's failure on WWE creative but I don't think it's that easy. Tensai just didn't work. Matt Bloom is a veteran in the business with a unique look that had great success overseas in Japan. However, at the end of the day, the fans didn't buy Tensai as a main eventer and haven't really bought into the character at all. This is the business were in and some have success while others do not. It comes down to being over and the fans haven't connected with the gimmick.

With Ryback still going up against mid card talent and jobbers, how long if ever, until he's main eventing or at least going against main event talent?

Vince McMahon loves the Ryback character but it's almost as if he's on an island by himself at times. The response from the WWE audience has been better than that of Tensai but I'm not sure it's drawn a real connection either. When Goldberg had success mowing through enhancement talent in WCW, the fans bought it. The fans still remember Goldberg and haven't done the same for Ryback. There's probably a feeling of putting him in the main event too soon could be disastrous and they need to give the gimmick time to evolve. With that being said I do not know of any time frame other than Vince would probably push him in the main event tomorrow if there weren't people in the company advising him otherwise.

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