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Why Lesnar Wasn't Used At HIAC, Plans For John Cena, Tag Division Here To Stay?, Vince Meeting Workers

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Why was Brock Lesnar not used at WWE Hell in a Cell?

WWE contacted Brock Lesnar about working Hell in a Cell but ultimately decided to go in another creative direction. Not only that but I'm told company officials were hesitant to run through one of his dates on pay-per-view without it being advertised. Lesnar was really the company's only shot at booking a desirable outcome to CM Punk vs. Ryback but it would have traded one problem for another.

What are the plans for John Cena?

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler looks to be the direction WWE is going in leading to Survivor Series next month. It will be interesting to see how the company books the match with Ziggler in need of momentum.

Do you think the WWE tag division is back to stay?

WWE has shown a renewed emphasis in the tag division over the past several weeks but I'm not banking on anything long-term. Don't get me wrong; I'm enjoying the importance shown for tag team wrestling but I also know Vince McMahon is growing impatient with the lack of big stars and is already looking at pushing some people currently in tag teams.

What point (if any) does Vince McMahon meet developmental talent when a worker is brought to the main roster?

One thing that would probably surprise you about Vince McMahon is he is very “hands on” with his roster. He's not oblivious to signed talent, including talent in his developmental system. As far as some type of "warm and fuzzy, we're so glad you're here" meeting, that doesn't happen but if Vince wants something out of a particular worker, he will make sure they get the message. Everyone knows Vince has final say.

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