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Why Sandow Didn't Cash In, Alberto Del Rio's Push, Battleground Was A Ripoff, Cena's Absence

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Damien Sandow

Was Damien Sandow supposed to cash in at WWE Battleground with the amount of times they mentioned his injury?

There were not plans for Damien Sandow to "cash in" the Money in the Bank briefcase at WWE Battleground. The mentions were kayfabe in nature but clearly the company wants fans to realize that Sandow is packing a title shot. I know I've mentioned this before but I absolutely hate how Sandow has been booked since winning the briefcase and am in complete disagreement with the amount of jobs that he's done. Also, it's worth noting that his knee "injury" [from Battleground Kickoff] was kayfabe and not legitimate.

Why does WWE keep giving Alberto Del Rio opportunity after opportunity as World Heavyweight Champion? I know he is a good technical wrestler but his personality is very bland and the crowd reactions he receives are atrocious.

WWE sees Alberto Del Rio as a main event talent that helps them carries the Latino fan base. I'm not the biggest fan of Del Rio but I don't have a problem with him working in the top of the card. His in-ring work isn't great but he keeps it simple and doesn't try to do too much.

So Big Show knocks out two referees, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton and the match is over? I find it funny they can find a small clan of referees for any other segment, but they pull that with the main event of a PPV. What is WWE's logic in doing this?

The booking was nonsensical and it was done to extend Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to Hell in a Cell. While I understand what they were trying to accomplish, I'm diametrically opposed to how it was handled. I will usually give B-level shows a pass when it comes to storyline progression but I'm not giving WWE a pass here. You can't charge people $55 for a WWE title match and not give an outcome. Could you imagine ordering a boxing match or UFC fight and not getting an outcome to the headline fight? WWE Battleground was a complete ripoff from my perspective and an absolutely skippable show. Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns was great but it could have just as easily been done on Monday Night Raw for free. As hard as all four worked, none are headliners or people WWE can expect to justify the hefty price tag. This was a "thrown together" show that ultimately hinged on Bryan and Orton to save it. WWE took that out of their hands with the booking and how they believe this will make fans shell out another $55 for Hell in a Cell later this month is beyond me.

Do you think WWE is utilizing John Cena's absence well in developing new main event talent for the future?

There's no question that WWE misses John Cena right now, take a look at the ratings. However, I will give the company credit for establishing Daniel Bryan as a main eventer in his absence and recreating Randy Orton as a viable headliner. Both have taken advantage of the opportunity and answered the call to the best of their abilities.

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