Why'd WWE Ban The Curb Stomp? They Didn't.

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Why did WWE ban the Curb Stomp?

WWE did not ban the Curb Stomp. The report that stated Seth Rollins would debut a new finisher on Raw was correct in that he was getting a new finisher, however, his original finisher has not technically been banned.

This is something that was made clear earlier in the day at Raw on Monday and posted afterwards by CJ here on Wrestling News World.

Stepping into my personal opinion, I believe WWE didn’t like the way the Curb Stomp looked in that Rollins was driving the head of his opponent into the mat and was something they wanted to alter moving forward. It's not uncommon for a WWE talent to change their finisher. It happens from time to time and that’s what we’re seeing with Seth Rollins. I know many weren’t impressed with the implant DDT that Rollins did last night on Raw but we’ll see if anything changes.

Rollins is talented enough to get over a wide variety of moves and hopefully he’ll continually improve on whatever his finisher becomes.

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