Will AJ Lee Return?, Plans For Rusev, Asuka's Undefeated Streak, Lesnar vs. Joe

AJ Lee

Will AJ Lee ever return to WWE?

This is always an interesting question, especially considering who she's married to. AJ Lee went out on her terms two years ago after a successful run as Divas Champion. It should be noted that AJ was backstage visiting friends at a recent Raw taping. Was she just visiting or did she have contact with higher-ups in regards to a potential return down the line? Personally, I would love to see her back and mixing it up with the new talent on the roster. I'll also mention real quick that I'm half way through her recent autobiography, "Crazy is my Super Power." Great read so far. She overcame so much in her life to become the successful wrestler she was.

What happens to Rusev now that he isn't getting his championship match at MITB?

It appears Rusev is cleared to return, as he recently noted on Twitter he has been training with wife Lana for their SmackDown debuts. Clearly, Jinder Mahal winning the WWE Title at Backlash wasn't the original plan. In fact, Mahal vs. Orton was done to hold us over until Rusev could return and likely win the title at Money in the Bank. With plans changing, Rusev's return was put on hold. So, now we wait. He could've be in the Ladder Match, but the company held on off on that as well. I would say expect him back after June 18th, however that doesn't seem like a guarantee either.

What are the odds that Asuka actually gets called up to the main roster undefeated?

That wouldn't be too surprising. This is one of those streaks where I'm not sure WWE meant to do it, or it just happened and they continued rolling with it. Considering the company is acknowledging that she's passed Goldberg's streak, it will continue to be a big deal. Ideally, I thought Ember Moon should've beat Asuka over WrestleMania weekend, but that could be saved for Brooklyn as a redemption storyline. If Asuka does make it through Brooklyn with the streak in tact, I would look for her to be called up without actually losing the title. Paige did, so Asuka can too, right? I'm a fan of Asuka's work, but her TakeOver matches feel like their losing importance if we know she's going to go over every time.

When do you think Samoa Joe will face Brock? Whether for the title or not. This is a match I'd love to see.

It's a dream match many would like to see, and it very well could happen before the year is over. My guess is Joe will earn a Universal Title shot at some point, but I'm not so sure he'll be walking out of Extreme Rules as the new number one contender. (Check out our Predictions over the weekend to see who our writers think will win.) There's no way I view Brock as a babyface right now, so that leads me to believe Rollins or Balor will receive the title shot at Great Balls of Fire. Perhaps Joe will get his shot at Survivor Series or a different Raw pay-per-view - only time will tell.

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