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Will CM Punk Be Suspended; My Thoughts, WWE Tag Tournament Outcome, McMahon Sends A Message

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Given Chris Jericho was suspended for the infamous flag incident in Brazil, do you see CM Punk getting suspended for hitting a fan?

WWE is gathering all the information and we can confirm a police report was filed. Chris Jericho was suspended to save-face from negative publicity so it's obviously a possibility. Had it been someone lower on the card, they could have faced termination. Given the fact it was Punk I don't look for that to happen but I don't see how he gets out of this one without facing repercussions.

What is your take on CM Punk striking the fan?

There is no excuse to ever get physical with a fan. We could try and make an argument that the fan "deserved it" but Punk assaulted the wrong fan. The one pestering him walked away unscathed while the tape shows an incident onlooker got struck and his glasses broke. However, I'm not going to put the blame completely on Punk, as event staff and security are at fault for not containing the crowd around Punk. It's their job to keep the workers safe when they go into the crowd and they failed at that on Raw. With that being said workers have a responsibility to remain composed no matter what.

If the winners of the tag team tournament don't win the WWE Tag Team Championship, will that make the entire competition pointless? Or is it very predictable they will win so to avoid such scrutiny?

Most readers seem to be happy with the renewed emphasis placed on the tag team division so I do not think a successful defense from Team Hell No renders the tournament pointless. Tournaments are fun for a change of pace and in this case, helped a division that has been forgot about in recent years.

With Vince McMahon giving up his body on this week's WWE Raw for the good of the product, is this a signal to everyone else to "step it up"?

Lost in the CM Punk incident is the fact this week's WWE Raw had an outstanding ending. Vince McMahon showed he can still get over as good as anyone on the roster, Ryback has turned the corner and drew great crowd reactions and I was entertained throughout the show's main event. I absolutely think Vince was sending a message with his work and the fact he can use himself to increase interest is pretty remarkable in itself.

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