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Will Finn Balor Join The Club, Heath Slater's Current Position, Demon vs. Demon Match, Which Show Will Injured Superstars End Up On?

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Finn Balor

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Now that AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson have been separated by the draft what do you see for the future of The Club? Will Finn Balor take over as the leader or can you see a version of The Club on each show?

Finn Balor has already teased his involvement in The Club on Twitter, not that that's worth much. Balor is one of the biggest teases in WWE right now. We have more on this in our Premium Section. There has been talk of putting Finn Balor with The Club and leaving him on his own. The option for Finn Balor taking over The Club are there and would make logical sense based on The Club’s history in Japan. However, there are those who think that he needs to start Balor off as a babyface before he turns heel. He is going to have an epic babyface reaction when he officially debuts on Raw. WWE knows better than to try and force a heel run right off the bat.

The interesting question is where will Finn land on the card when he debuts? There are plenty of people backstage saying that he is going to debut at the top of the card. With Roman possibly landing himself in the doghouse for his Wellness Policy strike, there have been talks of Seth Rollins possibly turning face and Roman turning heel. However, if WWE could easily have Finn Balor step in as the top face, leaving Rollins as the top heel. What does this mean for Roman? Well, nothing good. It all depends on what Vince feels is best.

What are your thoughts on Heath Slater? Do you see him repackaged?

Heath Slater certainly seems to be in store for something big. Some people saw him not getting drafted on Tuesday as a bad thing. I can tell you that it is certainly a good thing. This is a “no news is good news” situation because it means there will be a storyline for him going forward. I have heard several ideas for Heath going forward. One has Slater going back and forth between both shows, pitching himself to each show. I’ve also heard that WWE could purposefully send him to some indy promotions to “build up” Slater’s stock. The idea being that fans love an indy darling and this could build interest in Heath. If this is the case WWE will likely work with Evolve wrestling as they have a strong relationship there.

This is could be huge in concept. If WWE starts working with any other indy promotions to “build up” their wrestlers while bringing in a broader fan base, it could lead to working relationships with other promotions allowing a two-way street for wrestlers. There is a strong portion of the audience who likes Heath Slater, and if you remember it lead to a test push for him several months ago. We will have to wait and see what WWE ends up deciding to do, but this is a storyline for Heath and fans of his should be excited that there is interest in the Red Dragon.

How would you feel about Kane’s retirement match being against Finn Balor? Passing the torch from one demon to another?

Honestly, it’s hard for me to picture any match other than one against The Undertaker being Kane’s last. I have always pictured them wrestling each other one last time and then both men retiring and they riding off into the sunset. I know that it’s unlikely at this point, especially because The Undertaker says he is retiring, and even if he isn’t there is a good chance he only has one more match in him, most likely at WrestleMania 33. Kane, on the other hand, has said he has no plans on retiring anytime soon. Obviously, the idea of Demon vs. Demon writes itself, but I can’t say I would want to see it at a “big 4” PPV like Wrestlemania. It certainly could be a decent idea, but honestly, I see Finn as above working with Kane. At this point in Kane’s career, he is working as a “reliable veteran” and helping greener guys get better. While Finn may be newer to the WWE, he is no rookie in the squared circle. I wouldn’t mind Kane passing the torch to Finn in a match, but I wouldn’t want it to go on too long.

How do you see WWE handling returning Superstars like Nikki Bella, Luke Harper, and Emma?
My guess is that WWE will just assign them to a show and then use the Commissioner or General Manager to “sign them” to a contract to their show. For example, when Nikki Bella returns I expect her to land on Smackdown because WWE will want to make John Cena happy and keep him with his girlfriend. (Despite the fact that WWE went out of their way split up nearly every couple. Renee/Dean, JoJo/Big E, Alberto/Paige, Cass/Carmella.) When Nikki returns Shane will come out and say that he signed the hottest free agent in the Women’s Division and bring out Nikki Bella. There is a history in the WWE of forgetting what brand a wrestler is on when they go out due to injury. There have been several wrestlers who injured themselves and returned to a different brand. The logic behind it is that their contract “ran out” with the show they were on, and signed a new contract on a different show.

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