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Win/Loss Records, Orton's Recent Jobs, Kane's Gimmick, Barrett's Last Match, Why Fans Should Stop Chanting CM Punk, HoF Ceremony

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Note from Richard: Hello all! I'm still not back in the office as the inclement weather over much of the United States has me stranded. I'm hoping to make it back late tonight but I wanted to get this out as advertised. Several people have emailed and messaged me, asking where Ask WNW is - please note I always post at the bottom of each installment when the next installment is scheduled to run to avoid confusion. Thank you for your support and hopefully my flights connect up this evening!

Do workers in WWE and TNA care about their win/loss records?

The interesting thing about the pro wrestling business is that it is not objective. In sports, one team is better than the other and that is proven by the game/match outcome. In pro wrestling, the outcomes are scripted. While a winner and loser are predetermined, the worker that goes over is in a better position than the worker that goes under. So while a worker cannot "improve" their win/loss record per-say, they can have it impacted by their ability to get their character over.

How do you feel about all of Randy Orton's losses to his Elimination Chamber opponents headed into the pay-per-view?

Randy Orton losing in singles matches to his Elimination Chamber challengers is part of The Authority storyline leading into the pay-per-view main event in a couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to look at it but I believe Orton is being made to look like he doesn't have a good chance to win, only to surprise at the pay-per-view. The plan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XXX is Orton vs. Batista so unless the company swerves (which is always a possibility), I think Orton will go over. I do not think the losses are a sign of WWE losing confidence in Orton as he is still the "1b" behind John Cena.

In the lead up to Wrestlemania, do you think it would be interesting to see the Undertaker somehow talk sense to Kane into becoming a monster again, making the transition from corporate Kane to the Big Red Machine?

The main focus for Undertaker will be on his Wrestlemania XXX match and defense of the streak. The plan as of this writing is for the streak to be on the line against Brock Lesnar. Undertaker is believed to be returning to WWE television shortly following Elimination Chamber to kick the program off. We can still not confirm an exact date. Whenever Undertaker is back there is always a connection to his "brother" Kane but they do like Kane as a heel right now. Kane is versatile and has turned as much as anyone I can remember.

Is there any reason Bad News Barrett isn't wrestling?

The last televised match I have for Bad News Barrett is a match on Smackdown all the way back in August. He is getting the talking segments on television, which allow for him to collect his appearance bonus. Barrett is working matches on live events so he is not injured. I do not have the exact reason why he has not been scripted to wrestle on television but perhaps they feel a better opportunity to get the gimmick over is to utilize him in the "bad news" talking segments.

When Raw goes to Chicago on March 4th, could you see the audience taking over the show in a big way and chanting for CM Punk all night long?

This is obviously an issue WWE is bound to have to deal with and will do so by turning off the house mics but I hope people get over it. Everyone knows where I stand on the CM Punk chants - I'm a huge fan of Punk but chanting for him is ridiculous. He left on his own terms and Vince McMahon has continually tried to convince him to come back. The assumptions formed by fans in regards to "how Punk was treated" are nothing more than assumptions and shouldn't be passed on as fact. Punk is one of my favorite workers of all-time but he made the decision to leave. WWE didn't want him to leave and has a Wrestlemania match for him if he comes back. If he doesn't, it's time to get over it and stop chanting his name. If you go to a show and chant Punk, you aren't a martyr voicing your opinion for change. This is not the same situation as Daniel Bryan. The fact that both happened back-to-back has some fans confused.

Will the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony be covered over the WWE Network?

Yes, it has been confirmed the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will air live in its entirety on the WWE Network. This is something you can expect a lot of with the WWE Network. It gives the company guaranteed air time for events such as the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and also helps if WWE needs TV clearance for another live broadcast.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2012: As far as I can remember, CM Punk has appeared a couple of times on both WWE TV and YouTube lately sporting Colt Cabana-themed t-shirts. Do you know if the company has any beef on that matter, or do they just let Punk do whatever he wants? - I haven’t heard specifically what WWE officials think of CM Punk sporting Colt Cabana merchandise but it’s a secret to no one that Punk has a lot of leeway in terms of gimmick freedom. Punk planned on leaving WWE last year but was talked into staying after the “leaving” storyline got over in a big way, clearly establishing him as a main event talent. Kevin Nash recently alluded to Punk’s creative freedom which you can read about at this link.

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