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WNW On FS1; Will CM Punk Get Knocked Out?, Triple H A Heel, More Veterans Returning, Styles Over Owens?

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CM Punk

Did you see CM Punk stop at the WNW tweet on this week’s episode of The Evolution of Punk on Fox Sports 1? I noticed you didn’t mention it. Anyways, what do you think will happen to Punk in his UFC debut?

I watched the latest episode of The Evolution of Punk on Fox Sports 1 but I was looking down when the camera zoomed in on the WNW logo, that's why I didn't mention it when I posted the full episode in my daily update. You can see where he stopped to read our tweet about him at this link. That’s pretty cool and I wonder how he saw it, considering he blocked the official Wrestling News World account when he left WWE. I’ve never understood why as I believe we’ve always been fair to CM Punk (as we are with every worker and fighter). I’m glad to see Punk still acknowledge the WNW logo.

As for what will happen in CM Punk’s UFC debut, it’s anyone’s guess. Everyone thought that Mark Hunt was going to destroy Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, the oddsmakers were convinced Brock would lose, and Brock had no issue with him. While I understand there is a big difference between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, I’m not counting CM Punk out. I have always respected Punk because he’s a guy that believes in himself. He made himself one of WWE’s top stars, despite everything being against him. We see guys like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, etc. come into WWE and have success; that’s all because of the barriers CM Punk tore down.

I have no idea if CM Punk can fight and don’t know much about Mickey Gall but I wouldn’t be surprised if Punk proved his doubters wrong. I love the crossover opportunity that we’ve been presented with and look to continue to expand our UFC coverage.

Is Triple H a heel or babyface? What about Seth Rollins?

The plan as of Monday was to turn Seth Rollins babyface with Triple H operating as the heel. We detailed this in our latest Backstage News from Raw. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this as at one point there were plans to do Hunter vs. Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 32 last year but his knee injury changed that.

With The Headbangers showing they still have it, will we see other talents coming back for short story arcs in supporting roles?

It’s certainly possible that WWE will bring back other veterans in supporting roles just as you saw with The Headbangers this week on Smackdown. I am somewhat surprised that WWE was OK with Headbanger Thrasher spoiling their return before it happened and feel it probably would have been better to just surprise the audience. That’s one benefit Smackdown has now airing live and an opportunity was missed. But I do think we are also seeing this with WWE signing talent like Jinder Mahal, a familiar face cast in a supporting/enhancement role.

How long of a run are they going to have Kevin Owens as WWE Universal Champion? Are they planning on AJ Styles winning the title at Backlash?

Finn Balor was scheduled to have a lengthy run with the WWE Universal Championship so it will be interesting to see if Kevin Owens gets that rub. I do not have a solid answer for you due to the violate nature of the plans for the belt. Remember it was just a little over a week ago that Vince McMahon and his writers had to rip up the plan with Balor and start over. I am glad they put the title on Owens, even if I wasn’t thrilled with how it happened.

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