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Worst Case w/Lesnar, WWE Posting Spoilers, Mysterio's Departure

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What would be the worst case if WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar decided not to work Wrestlemania 31?

If Brock Lesnar decided not to work Wrestlemania 31 it would be the worst business decision of his life. Not only would it prevent him from collecting on his massive contract, WWE could (and probably would) sue him for breach of contract. As I stated earlier on Monday, Brock would be totally incompetent not to work Wrestlemania.

As a fan, the worst case scenario is Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns turning out like Goldberg vs. Lesnar back in 2004. A “lame duck” match where no one cares and it harms the plan of trying to get Reigns over on the guy that ended the streak.

WWE is not without options and could take Brock Lesnar out of the Wrestlemania main event if they wanted too. I provided a fairly simple solution in a piece that I wrote here on Wrestling News World, however, that is extremely unlikely to happen.

The best I believe we can hope for is that cooler heads prevail and Brock appears at Raw next week in Pittsburgh as scheduled. This isn’t at all surprising as Brock has a reputation of being hard to deal with and it’s fairly clear his relationship with WWE has run its course.

Why does WWE keep spoiling their own news? Especially with the Hall of Fame inductees. Is it because they want to beat everyone to the punch or are they just getting a little arrogant? I honestly find it a little annoying and distasteful. I get kayfabe is seemingly dead, but I still think WWE needs some surprise elements. If not, then we lose something precious. Thoughts?

The way WWE has revealed their Hall of Fame inductees - by posting “rumors on dot com” - only to later make an official announcement is a promotional tactic. They’re trying to generate a buzz online to get it trending on social media before it airs on television. The vision of changes from time to time but a lot of the material they post is either done to promote something or enhance a storyline. Sometimes they’ll “break kayfabe” but any attempt is usually calculated to increase page views. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

With Rey Mysterio no longer under a WWE Performer’s Contract, do you see him being introduced into the Hall of Fame in the next couple of years?

Rey Mysterio’s relationship with WWE didn’t end on good terms. He wanted out and they wouldn’t let him out. He even appeared on AAA’s Triplemania XXII pay-per-view last year. I certainly feel Mysterio is worthy of a Hall in Fame induction but given how things ended, it could be a while before any such honor comes his way.

Can you explain the reason why Rey Mysterio final years in WWE were a disappointment and the reason for his departure?

Rey Mysterio’s relationship with WWE started to deteriorate around the time of his second violation of their Wellness Policy in April 2012.

For those that do not remember, WWE knew of Mysterio’s failure well before he was suspended in April 2012 as he was tested two months earlier. However, the company was hoping he would be able to return from injury to work Wrestlemania 28 that year. The feeling amongst some of the workers is that Mysterio got heat when he told the office he wouldn’t be ready to return in time for the pay-per-view. Most felt that had Mysterio been able to work Wrestlemania that year, the failure would have “swept under the rug.” Mysterio failed the test due to a nasal spray.

Additionally, he was one of many workers upset about the decrease in pay-per-view bonuses that are the result of the WWE Network. Mysterio is fine financially and wanted to return to Mexico. WWE fought him every step of the way and kept him tied up under contract for as long as they could without using him.

We also must consider that Mysterio has been bothered by issues with his left knee, as he’s torn his ACL in it multiple times. Just last year the knee was a problem.

So in conclusion, Rey wasn’t happy with the way he was treated in WWE, didn’t like the decline in pay-per-view bonuses and wanted to return to Mexico. WWE did everything they could to block him from his wishes and now he has finally been freed.

Mysterio is scheduled to break his silence over Wrestlemania 31 weekend in a live podcast interview.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2013: How much control do wrestlers in WWE and TNA have over the direction of their respective gimmicks? - It depends on the worker. The higher up one is on the card, the more creative control that they have. When you’re Hulk Hogan in TNA Wrestling, you can script a segment where the owner of the company is grabbing you by the leg, begging you to stay, when you are involved in a real-life contract dispute (watch here). If you’re someone that just got the call-up from developmental, you’re going to be given a script and will be expected to follow it.

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