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Wrestlemania 28 Questions - WWE Hotel, Hall Of Fame On TV, Ric Flair's Appearance, The Miz

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Where are the WWE stars staying in Miami for Wrestlemania?

WWE usually has a designated hotel for their workers but I haven't confirmed where the stars are staying. I received a tip yesterday the workers were staying at the InterContinental but if I find out otherwise and get the OK to post it, I will do so.

Will the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame be shown on TV?

As we reported here at, there will be a special airing on the USA Network before Raw Supershow next Monday at 8 PM/7 CT where highlights of the inductions of Edge, The Four Horsemen and Mike Tyson will be shown. The ceremony will likely be available in its entirety on the DVD when it is released.

With Ric Flair appearing at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night, does this mean he'll appear at Wrestlemania when they introduce the 2012 Hall of Fame inductees on the stage?

I do not have 100% confirmation but it is likely Ric Flair will appear with his fellow Four Horsemen when the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductees are announced at Wrestlemania. The issue with him appearing didn't have to do with Flair appearing at the ceremony but WWE using the appearance for commercial purposes, such as the aforementioned Wrestlemania DVD. A deal is in place, which is why I don't see why Flair wouldn't be able to appear on the pay-per-view itself.

With The Miz securing a spot on Team Johnny do you still think he will get involved in the Wrestlemania main event between John Cena and The Rock?

I never said I thought The Miz would get involved in John Cena vs. The Rock… I said it was a popular scenario making rounds. Anything is possible but The Miz deserved a spot on the Wrestlemania card and if WWE has plans to use him in the main event they have to be very careful. I have been an advocate for a clean finish to Cena vs. The Rock and would only be for interference if it helped elevate an up and coming worker.

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