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Wrestlemania 31 Undercard, Another Match For Austin?, Plans For Sheamus, Styles/Hero In WWE

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Last year, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was one of the most hyped bouts of the Wrestlemania XXX undercard. However, it’s clear the victory did nothing to enhance the career of Cesaro. What are the chances WWE does another one this year?

The 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was billed as the inaugural edition, also meant to pay homage to 30 years of Wrestlemania. I haven’t heard if WWE plans to do it again [at Wrestlemania 31] but it’s one of those things I knew immediately wouldn’t work. My argument was directly linked to the Money in the Bank ladder match (which was taken off Wrestlemania a few years prior). Why eliminate a fun undercard match that meant something and replace it with an overdone concept that means nothing?

Not only did I think it was a bad idea to do a 30-man battle royal just a couple months after the 30-man Royal Rumble (that failed in 2014 too) but I didn’t understand the hype because the winner was awarded with a trophy.

WWE used the match to put over Cesaro but then aligned him with Paul Heyman. Well, this didn’t work because they had been positioning Cesaro as a babyface with his Giant Swing and Heyman had more heat than ever because of being Brock Lesnar’s manager when he ended The Undertaker’s streak.

So the match didn’t mean anything and it did nothing for Cesaro. If the company wants to rehash a gimmick match for the Wrestlemania undercard, it should be the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Steve Austin previously teased a retirement match against CM Punk. Now that Punk has retired from pro wrestling, do you see Austin coming back to face someone else?

Steve Austin hasn’t wrestled in 12 years, yet people still continue to ask if he’ll return to the ring. It’s not completely without merit, as Austin himself has teased he would be able to work “one more match” and a match against CM Punk is something I myself have said I would like to see. However, with CM Punk retired from the ring as well, that match looks as unlikely as ever.

Austin will be 51 years old this year and obviously won’t be working Wrestlemania 31 next month. With Wrestlemania 32 emanating next year from Texas, I’m sure there will be more rumors of one final dream match. Obviously a match with CM Punk won’t happen but I doubt there would be a shortage of possible opponents. I personally feel like we’ve seen the last of Austin in the ring but I certainly wouldn’t be against it if he’s healthy, willing and able.

Further, it’s clear Austin has a good relationship with WWE and his live podcast interviews have helped the WWE Network. We’ll list another Austin match as unlikely but remind everyone we never say never.

With WWE starting to air return vignettes for Sheamus, do you think it’s possible for him to return at Fastlane, cost Daniel Bryan his match against Roman Reigns and set up Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan III at Wrestlemania 31?

I doubt WWE would air return vignettes for Sheamus if they planned to have him return as a surprise run-in at WWE Fastlane. It’s certainly not impossible but seems unlikely. I have heard WWE wants Sheamus working as a heel and with Daniel Bryan far from a lock for the title match at Wrestlemania, we can’t rule out a third bout between the two. So far, I have heard three scenarios for Bryan at Wrestlemania. A match against Dolph Ziggler, a match against Sheamus and a possible insertion in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

With the recent signings of Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen) & Finn Balor (Prince Devitt) and how well they are treated within WWE NXT, do you think there is interest from top indy workers like AJ Styles and a potential return of Chris Hero?

AJ Styles will be 38 years old this year and is under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. With every year that passes it seems more and more unlikely that he’ll ever get an opportunity to work for WWE. From the WWE side, they see him as someone they would have to put through their developmental system and basically “start from scratch” on. While we can all agree Styles wouldn’t need “seasoned,” he would need to adapt to the WWE style. It seems awful late in his career for that to happen.

As for Chris Hero, he hoped to be back when he was let go and will continue to work towards that goal. Hero will be 36 this year, so time is running out for him as well.

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