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Wrestlemania 32 Main Events, Goldust-Stardust, Bad Build, Ascension Failed

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If we fast forward to this time next year, who do you think should be main eventing Wrestlemania 32?

If we look at the up and comers in the main events this year - Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Rusev and Seth Rollins — it’s not hard to imagine this group comprising the main events for Wrestlemania 32 next year but I’m not optimistic. It’s my hope that at least one of the aforementioned names are a perennial main eventer by this time next year, however, will WWE trust their up and comers to fill AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas or will they once again load the show up with part-time talent?

I believe it’s time to end the era of part-timers and focus on the next wave of talent but that’s obviously not my decision. It was fine when WWE used to bring back one or two names for Wrestlemania season but now we’re to the point where every main event involves one of these names. That’s why it’s imperative WWE use this year’s show to help establish the new guys so they aren’t in this situation each and every year.

How do you feel about where Goldust has wound up at Wrestlemania? A match between the Rhodes brothers has been talked about for years and is wanted by both of them. So how do you feel about there being no followup after Fastlane and Goldust being shoved in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

WWE was too late on Goldust vs. Stardust for Wrestlemania and I agree with their decision to do it at Fastlane and move on. If they wanted to do it at Wrestlemania they’ve had an opportunity for the past few years and for whatever reason, chose not to. Goldust is a great reliable veteran that has tapped into a fountain of youth that has surprised everyone. I respect his work and his commitment to the business but he’s clearly in the latter stage of his career.

Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, is a worker that I continue to feel is underutilized and is capable of more. Rhodes is one of those guys that has gotten over every gimmick he’s been asked, yet he always hits a wall at the midcard. He’s a guy I wish WWE would give some momentum to see what happened.

I've been watching WWE for many many years and Wrestlemania has always been very well prepped and sold as a must see. This year it's seriously lacking to the point where I don't really care if I see it or not, which says a lot for their biggest annual show. What is this attributed to? A new cheap fee of 9.99? Laziness of the bookers?

I attribute the bad build to Wrestlemania 31 to the limited schedules of Brock Lesnar, Sting and The Undertaker. As I’ve discussed previously, leaving a worker off TV until the pay-per-view itself can work for one talent but to have three out of four of the main events feature talent that barely appear on TV, it’s a problem.

Vince McMahon believes limiting the appearances of Brock Lesnar and Sting makes it a bigger deal when they do appear. That sounds good in theory but the problem is Raw is three hours every week and Smackdown is two. That’s five hours of main roster programming and it can feel much longer when they don’t appear at all.

What’s the deal with The Ascension?

The Ascension have failed on the main WWE roster and are currently being used as enhancement talent. I know people have questioned their conditioning, work and overall abilities but they were done absolutely no favors by the WWE creative team. Believe it or not, at one time, The Ascension was one of the most talked about gimmicks in NXT.

But those days are long gone and it’s back to the drawing board for Konnor and Viktor. I guess WWE could reheat them after Wrestlemania but given how badly their call-up has worked out, they have little motivation to do so.

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