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Wrestlers & Media Appearances, Beth Phoenix Buried, Another Return On 1000th Raw, Titles In WWE

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When workers do media appearances are they supposed to be in-character or out of character?

It really depends on the worker and the appearance. Sometimes workers are 100% in-character, sometimes they are 100% out of character and other times, it's a combination of the two. In the interviews I've done, I've experienced a little bit of everything and found it all depends on the worker's objective. There are some workers, such as Sheamus, that are usually always in-character which is definitely the "old school" mentality. However, there isn't one universal way to behave and it depends on the aforementioned factors.

What has Beth Phoenix done to get into the WWE doghouse?

Beth Phoenix has been booked horribly as of late and I don't have the answer as to why. When she dropped the Divas title to Nikki Bella after holding it for over 200 days, I thought it was a way to get the belt off Beth so they could program her in a competitive feud with Kharma. However, that hasn't been the case and Beth has gone from a dominant Diva to an afterthought.

With Road Dogg working as a WWE producer and Sean Waltman and Billy Gunn on the independent circuit, could we see a complete reunion of D-Generation X on Monday's 1000th Raw?

Jerry Lawler told The Miami Herald that he thought Road Dogg would be returning on the 1000th Raw next week. Sean Waltman said late last month that he had not been contacted by WWE to appear. I haven't heard anything from Bill Gunn but as is always the case, nothing can be ruled out.

Has WWE considered going back to one WWE Champion, an Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champions rather than the current setup?

I talked in detail about the title landscape in WWE here in this week's WNW Premium Mailbag. I like the model of having both a WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship but wouldn't mind seeing one secondary belt (keeping the Intercontinental title), the Divas Championship and Tag Team Championship. I like the two world titles because it gives WWE the opportunity to push two people as "top main event stars," however, there has been unification talk for years and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Aside from the touring schedule, the brand extension is over.

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