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Wrestling Books I Liked & Disliked, Where's Abyss?, Austin Aries In WWE '12, Merchandise At Live Events

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With many wrestlers releasing books over the years, which have you liked the most and which have you liked the least?

I read a lot and while not a comprehensive list, I can give you some recommendations and some books to avoid. Some of my favorites have been Bret Hart's autobiography, Chris Jericho's "A Lion's Tale" (I'm currently reading his second one), The Stone Cold Truth and Eric Bischoff's "Controversy Creates Cash." Bret Hart's book is one of the best pro wrestling books ever penned, giving readers a complete look inside the business. While I don't agree with all of Hart's personal opinions, he provides a detailed account of how things work. Chris Jericho's books are filled with humor and are very fun to read. Steve Austin's story is interesting how he rose to stardom and while I skipped the beginning of Bischoff's book (because I don't care about his upbringing), his prospective on how things went down in WCW is interesting. My book to avoid would be "Ring of Hell" by Matthew Randazzo V. This book is what they are currently making a biopic about and I felt that not only was the research light, it was written to portray Vince McMahon and the pro wrestling business in a negative light.

We haven't seen Abyss in over a month. Is he legit hurt?

Abyss is currently on granted time off. When he requested the time off he was expected to return at the end of this month so if I had to guess I would project his return to be any time after Sunday's Against All Odds pay-per-view.

I would rank Austin Aries as one of the best workers in TNA Impact Wrestling. How did the company feel about him working with WWE for their WWE '12 video game?

As far as I know TNA had no problem with Austin Aries providing dialogue for the Jacob Cass character in WWE '12. They probably encouraged it as another revenue stream for him to earn money. Guys like Aries aren't making a lot working in TNA as it's not near at the level of WWE. I agree his work is great but just because he's on television doesn't mean he's making a large salary.

What's WWE merchandise selection like at live events?

There is merchandise at all WWE live events. The assortment and selection varies based on location but you can always expect to see merchandise at any event you attend.

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