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WWE Announce Teams, Full List Of Referees, In-House Production, Mick Foley’s Role At Survivor Series

The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click here.

Have you heard anything new about WWE possibly going with a three man announce team on Raw?

As I stated previously in Ask WNW, I'm under the impression Raw will be called by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. The new Smackdown crew is John Layfield and Josh Mathews as JBL is back full-time. As for pay-per-views, Cole, Lawler and JBL will call them. There's always a possibility WWE retains a three-man booth with Jim Ross but until I hear from JR, I'm going with what we know for sure.

Are the same WWE referees that are on television on the road at live events?

Yes, WWE has a full lineup referees and they are used at all their events. The crew consists of Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Jack Doan, John Cone, Justin King, Mike Chioda and Scott Armstrong. Developmental referees are also rotated in and include Darrick Moore, Jason Ayers, Mac Harris, Rod Zapata and Ryan Tran. WWE pairs the teams off and rotates them for TVs each week.

Who makes the video packages we see on WWE television?

Kevin Dunn is the executive vice president of television production and oversees the material made for TV. WWE has an in-house television production staff and a lot of people that go unrecognized for their stellar work. If you are looking for a particular job description of these individuals, browse the listings at this link.

What purpose does Mick Foley serve as the team captain at Survivor Series?

The original plan was to rehash Mick Foley's confrontation with CM Punk from back in September and that it would create enough hype to sell the pay-per-view. The problem is the announcement didn't go over well and Vince McMahon felt like Team Punk vs. Team Foley wouldn't sell. He changed the main event and now we're left with Foley as a random team captain. We can discuss in detail why it didn't work but I want to also note something I bring up a lot and that is the limited lifespan a character has when they can't wrestle. As good as Foley was, he has to be used sparingly when he can't work. The same goes for other legends like Bret Hart and Steve Austin. When overexposed, their inclusion on programming becomes meaningless.

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