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WWE App Voting, CM Punk & Blown Table Spot, Sheamus Update, Thin Roster, Plans For Rhodes/Goldust

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CM Punk/Ryback

If the WWE App voting is legit, how do they script the matches?

From the situations I have heard, voting has been legitimate. When WWE holds App polls they have an idea who is going to "win it" and thus plan for that winner. There are sometimes surprises and in that situation the match will have to be called in the ring, which is something you can expect to see more of. However, performers are still told a general plan and obviously an outcome before they go to the ring. We have more details on spots being called in the ring at this link.

Was CM Punk really banged up after the table spot on Raw. Was it planned or was it botched?

CM Punk's head was busted open from the botched table spot from Ryback on this week's Monday Night Raw. Ryback messed the spot up but it was what was said afterwards that sparked controversy. We have the story here on Premium.

What's the latest update on Sheamus?

Sheamus is still out recovering from his torn labrum that required surgery last month. He went home to Dublin earlier this month and is expected back some time early in 2014. The latest update we have on him features a photo of him standing outside the house he grew up in. Click here to view it.

Do you find the lack of main event talent in WWE disappointing? You can count them on one hand.

The WWE roster is razor thin right now and ravaged by injuries but WWE has done a surprisingly good job in creating new stars in CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio. There are others, such as Ryback, WWE is hoping will take that next step but sometimes I think fans are a little hard on WWE for not creating any new stars. In the same breath it would be delusional for me to sit here and tell you the main event picture is thriving because it's thin right now.

What are the plans for Cody Rhodes and Goldust?

The latest step in the storyline is that Triple H has "invited" Cody Rhodes and Goldust to next week's Raw to hear a "lucrative proposition." I heard there were plans a couple weeks ago to do The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family at Battleground next month but there was a hang-up about Dusty actually competing. As I mentioned on Wednesday, Cody is back in WWE and his leave of absence to get married is over.

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