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WWE Splitting Tag Teams, Finn Bálor The Next Face Of WWE?, New Day’s Future, McMahon Unionizing Wrestlers

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Big E

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Do you think WWE should split any tag teams up during the Draft?

I think WWE is going to split up some tag teams but it depends on which teams they plan on splitting as to whether or not I think they should do it. A split could obviously go one of two ways. The talent will either thrive or flop and there doesn’t seem to be much in-between. Remember when Bully Ray was born? I don’t think anyone saw that getting over at the level that it did. He’s someone that I wish would get a big singles run but The Dudley Boyz have turned into nothing more than an enhancement team as of late. There’s nothing wrong with the veterans “doing the honors,” especially when it’s helped Big Cass & Enzo Amore, but man, I think Bully Ray is a top star.

What are you anticipating the most coming out of the 2016 WWE Draft?

I can sum it up in two words - Finn Bálor. Bálor is someone that could be main eventing pay-per-views this time next year and has as much potential as anyone on the roster. I want to see him reach up and grab that brass ring and am highly anticipating his debut. Other than that, I want to see if someone else can replace Roman Reigns as a top babyface. I’m not saying that Roman can’t still be a top talent but it’s time to turn him and strap someone else.

How do you see each member of The New Day faring once they split?

What I heard and we reported in our Members content was that no final decision had been made regarding a split but if they were, Vince wanted Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston staying together and Big E getting a singles push. All three have so much potential and it’s been realized with The New Day. I, like everyone else, had serious questions about the gimmick when it debuted (The Big Show revealed recently that he told them not to do it) but they’ve turned it into one of the most entertaining gimmicks on WWE television. All three have different strengths. Xavier Woods is money on the mic and has the gift of charisma. Kofi is not only one of the best workers in WWE but one of the best workers in the world. He can do things others cannot do. Big E has the size Vince McMahon is known to love and I wouldn’t mind seeing him being built up as a potential “face of the company” type guy. Some may argue that he was pushed in singles before and failed but he’s got more experience now and a very successful gimmick under his belt. And let's not forget, the writers did him no favors. CM Punk is one talent I can think of that was not a perineal main eventer right out the gate. The same is true for Daniel Bryan. Back to the meat of your question, all three have bright futures if utilized correctly. What frustrates me more than anything is WWE has so much talent on their roster; yet they fail to utilize it properly! Remember the Jamaican gimmick they debuted Kofi with? WWE really exposed their laziness on Raw on Monday by completely biting TNA’s Final Deletion segment. There is no reason for their roster to be as thin as it is but it’s the way it is because of backstage politics, mismanaged talent and laziness (and I can’t believe I’m referring to Vince, one of the hardest workers ever, as lazy but that Raw segment was as lazy as it gets).

Do you think if Shane McMahon took over for his father that he would allow the wrestlers to unionize?

Shane McMahon has a good reputation with talent. He’s someone that a lot of people trust, they enjoy talking with him and they also respect him. With that being said, I think WWE will continue to oppose a union for as long as they possibly can. The WWE Performer’s contracts are completely one-sided and protect WWE. From a business standpoint, it wouldn’t make sense to alter that if they didn’t have too. Does that mean it’s right? Absolutely not but that’s just the way it is. I do think WWE has been forced into taking better care of their talent and commend some of the things they do, such as working with Chris Nowinski and providing a place in the WWE Performance Center to rehab talent.

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