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WWE Being Ridiculous, Lesnar Back & Titles Restored?, Wyatt/Rusev, Sting's Future

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What are your thoughts on WWE ordering fans to remove their costumes?

I am not surprised or even outraged that WWE made the 10 fans in the front row at Raw change out of their epic costumes. They’ve done this kind of thing before and will probably continue to do this type of thing. I just think it’s super lame and cannot understand the rationale behind it.

As long as people aren’t breaking the law or promoting a product, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to wear what they want. Especially if it’s dressing as their favorite WWE personalities to a WWE show! Think about how ridiculous the company is being over this. Passionate fans that care enough to purchase front row seats and go to the trouble of dressing up like past Superstars only to get told they have to take them off or move from the front row. Come on, man!

It’s stuff like this that makes me cringe every time Stephanie McMahon says WWE is all about putting smiles on people’s faces. It’s like the Be-A-Star anti-bullying campaign. WWE does certain things to improve their corporate image and reputation but when it comes to acting out these “core values” or initiatives, they don’t do it.

I read on another wrestling news site that Brock Lesnar has signed a new deal and that due to the lack of reactions towards Roman Reigns that he will will retain at Wrestlemania 31. Further, Daniel Bryan and John Cena will win the Intercontinental and United States titles respectively and headline when Brock is away. Have you heard anything like this?

Wow, so it’s settled? Roman Reigns will “do the honors,” the secondary titles will become the company’s new showcase and Brock Lesnar is with WWE for at least another year.

That sounds far-fetched. Let’s unpack this a little.

I checked on Brock Lesnar’s status last week after Paul Heyman went out and mentioned UFC in his promo. I was told Brock still does not have a new deal with WWE and still wants a guarantee on his merchandise. Vince McMahon was still not budging, so nothing was signed. You can read that exclusive report at this link.

Brock wasn’t at Raw this week and while I do not have an update on his contract status beyond my report from last Thursday, I find it hard to believe he didn’t have a deal after TVs last week but suddenly has one when he wasn’t there this week. Anything is possible and a new deal is not out of the question but it seems to be going a little far to assume he’s signed a new deal AND will go over Roman Reigns. While there have been concerns about reactions towards Reigns, he’s a guy they’ve been planning to push for well over a year.

As for Daniel Bryan and John Cena winning the Intercontinental and United States titles respectively, I understand the rationale, I’m just not sure I believe it. WWE hasn’t booked either title prominently for years and we’re supposed to assume they’ve made a philosophical change with their secondary titles and are going to restore them to prominence? If they were going to do that, shouldn’t it have been done months ago when the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was essentially killed off television?

We’ll continue to monitor Brock Lesnar’s WWE status and what we hear regarding creative plans for Wrestlemania 31 but for now, take this rumor with a grain of salt.

If WWE books Wrestlemania 31 correctly, at least one of Bray Wyatt and Rusev should go over. I think that the one that goes over should be the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts?

I don’t know if that’s the right way to look at it. As long as Bray Wyatt and Rusev come out of Wrestlemania 31 as bigger acts than they went in, then the booking was successful. To say one of them has to go over for the show to be booked correctly, is drawing a pretty bold line that will only setup unrealistic expectations. Talent can be elevated in a loss.

As for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture, I just want there to be one after Wrestlemania. I will draw a very bold line and state that I believe Brock Lesnar’s title reign must come to an end and the title must be included on the company’s post-Wrestlemania overseas tour. Whether it's Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins or someone else, a chase for the title is something I believe most fans want to see. Hopefully, Bray Wyatt and Rusev are well on their way to the perineal main event in April.

Is Sting going to be around after Wrestlemania? I have been watching WWE on a regular basis now, and it's because of Sting. It feels like 1997-1998 again to me.

If you’ve been watching WWE television just for Sting, you’ve probably been disappointed. His appearances have been few and far in-between and I personally believe the build to Sting vs. Triple H has left a lot to be desired. There are a lot of stories that can be told but the story they’re telling doesn’t seem to make sense. If you’re tuning in just for the chance Sting shows up, you probably enjoyed this week’s Raw.

I do not know Sting’s status moving forward but I believe it’s safe to say he won’t be used for anything more than he is now. In other words, if they use him again, it will be on a very limited basis for another match reserved for a top pay-per-view. Some want Sting vs. The Undertaker as a “retirement match” at Wrestlemania 32 but I’m not one of those people. If WWE was going to do it, it should have been this year. It’s time to end the part-time era and trust the full-time talent can sell a show like Wrestlemania.

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