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WWE Board Of Directors, Kharma's WWE Return, Where's Vince McMahon?, Mainstream Media Exposure, My Pick For A Title Change At Wrestlemania

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Recently we've heard the WWE Board of Directors mentioned on both Raw and Smackdown. Is there such a board? If so, how many members and who is it comprised of?

There is a WWE Board of Directors, however, the stuff mentioned on WWE television is storyline and not really determined by the board. The material shown on television comes from the creative team and not the board. You can read who the Board of Directors are at this link and who the Executive Officers in WWE are at this link.

With what unfortunately happened to Kharma and her child, how has the WWE office reacted to that? Are they allowing her the take indefinite time off, during the grieving process, and has it affected her standing in the company?

The tragic situation with Kharma has been very secretive. Kharma told many people, even friends, that she delivered a healthy baby boy. I am sure the WWE office is working with her and are patient regarding a possible return. For those hoping for a return feud against Beth Phoenix for Wrestlemania XXVIII, that will not happen as Beth has been announced for a tag match which you can read about here.

Where is Vince McMahon? Is it too much to ask for him to make an annual appearance for Wrestlemania? When he does show up he phones it in. What is going on with him?

Vince McMahon is as busy as ever, working backstage at all WWE television tapings and in the office when he isn't on the road. I actually think the Mr. McMahon character is well played and I can't remember a specific time he's "phoned it in." Some workers could learn a lot from McMahon and how he portrays himself in front of the camera. As for an annual appearance at Wrestlemania, the character can be useful but it can also be overdone. I have been surprised McMahon hasn't played a part in the GM situation with John Laurinaitis but it's not over yet.

Why does Vince McMahon and the WWE want mainstream exposure for their company? I don't see what they get out of it and as much as I know, the media will just forget about them like 5 seconds later.

Any time WWE can generate attention from the mainstream media, it's free promotion. WWE embraces any opportunity they can to draw a buzz from the mainstream media and get their product in front of as many eyes as possible. On the flip side, WWE tries to limit negative attention at all costs.

I think Daniel Bryan's character has evolved really well, I wasn't sure at first but now I absolutely love his heel character. Do you think WWE will risk Sheamus becoming World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania?

If I were booking Wrestlemania and had to book a title change, I would put Chris Jericho over CM Punk for the WWE Championship before I would put Sheamus over Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk is clearly established and a loss to Jericho wouldn't hurt him. While WWE has shown more confidence in Bryan than I thought they would when he first won the title back in December, a Wrestlemania win would really help solidify his main event position.

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