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WWE Bringing Back Past Stars To Carry The Main Event, How Injured Stars Are Paid, Kane In Bryan vs. Punk, Randy Orton's Future

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Seeing as how WWE is short on top tier talent, do you think they should call some older guys to come back for a couple of months? Like Shawn Michaels, possibly the Undertaker? Or maybe reach out to Batista and see if they can get back under contract?

WWE has already done what you are asking, hence The Rock and Brock Lesnar coming back on part-time deals. Shawn Michaels is under WWE contract but is retired from the ring and only desires to do things that do not involve him wrestling. The Undertaker is also under WWE contract but is semi-retired and used for Wrestlemania. Batista is a guy the company has interest in but no deal has been put together as of this writing. Now is the time of year where competition is light and can be used to develop new main event stars. Rather than WWE relying on the older and more established names, it's a good time to create more stars to mix with the aforementioned talent when competition gets stiffer and Wrestlemania season draws closer.

When a WWE star is injured, how is he/she paid? Is it their normal pay or do they take a cut since they are missing shows, PPVs, etc.?

WWE contracts are structured with downside guarantees and bonuses. The downside guarantee is based off a yearly percentage that is paid out to workers regardless if they are working or not. The only time WWE workers do not collect their downside is when they are suspended. This is how a WWE star is able to make a living while out with an injury or any other ailment that would prevent them from working.

Was Kane included in the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud because of the WWE's lack of faith in them or was it to add a big name to help get them over?

As I reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog, Kane was inserted as a "smack at smarks" for thinking Punk and Bryan could carry the top program on their own. Immature, I know.

What will WWE do with Randy Orton in two months?

A lot of readers have wondered my thoughts on what the future holds for Randy Orton given his latest WWE suspension. While I obviously cannot predict the future, things don't look good for Randy right now. He has a considerable amount of backstage heat and there is concern for how they will book him going forward. Orton is going to have to convince WWE officials this isn't going to happen again but given his history, that's going to be a very difficult thing to do.

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