WWE Covering For Cena, Ryder's Frustration, Owen To WWE HoF?, How Much WWE Net Is Worth

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There's some buzz online about John Cena's involvement with an adult film star as to be the cause of his divorce. It is also said WWE tried to cover it up. Is this true?

Let me start by saying it's ridiculous that people spend so much time trying to find out who is sleeping with who when it's really none of their business. I'll tell you that WWE worked closely with John Cena during his divorce proceedings with Elizabeth Huberdeau as they didn't want any dirt getting out about the face of the company. There was even a certain Diva that was put on leave while a settlement was reached. The divorce is settled and Cena is a single man, I have no interest in analyzing/investigating infidelity in his failed marriage.

Is Zack Ryder committing career suicide? Complaining constantly on social media can’t be endearing him to WWE management or his fellow superstars…

Zack Ryder is clearly frustrated with his spot in WWE. I don't know how much attention WWE pays to his disgruntled Tweets but if anything it's causing a disconnect between Ryder and his fans. While not at the same level, this almost reminds me of Matt Hardy. Hardy built a social media empire but suffered near irrefutable damage with some of the stunts he played (including the bizarre suicide tease). No one is going to feel sorry for Ryder. He's got to realize that and do whatever he can to get used. If his relationship with WWE ends, he'll have other opportunities as long as he doesn't alienate his fan base.

After the induction of Bruno Sammartino, will the induction of Owen Hart now be possible?

The induction of Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame is a further reminder that literally anything can happen in this business. The hang-up on Owen Hart has to do with his widow, Martha Hart, that has fought WWE tooth and nail in court since his death. The fact of the matter is WWE doesn't want to pay Martha anymore money and it is keeping Owen out of the Hall of Fame. I know many of the boys (including Bret Hart) want Owen inducted.

What do you think WWE could charge per month for the WWE Network?

If WWE includes 11 out of 12 pay-per-views on the WWE Network, I don't think the proposed $29.99/month fee is unattainable as that is still less than ordering the shows outright. However, it wouldn't be wise to start there and WWE probably needs to look more in the $16.99 range and increase it over time.

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