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Is WWE Cracking Down On Wellness Tests To Prove A Point, How Will NXT Call-Ups Work, What Is Happening With The Wyatt Family, Why The Hesitation For Smackdown Titles?

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Bray Wyatt

Do you think the WWE is using Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and Eva Marie as examples after not doing anything to Brock Lesnar for failing two tests?

I don't think WWE ever wants to suspend their talent, especially before arguably the second biggest PPV of the year. However, it wouldn't surprise me if WWE increased the amount of drug testing they do to show the world that they do test their performers. That said, if anything, I think it makes WWE look worse to end up suspending three of their superstars so close to the Brock Lesnar incident. It sends a message to the world and to the wrestlers that the policy is a joke and WWE will use it when they feel like it. Think about being a performer in WWE right now, the people who put in the day to day grind for the fans are the ones who earn less and are more likely to be punished. Whereas, Brock Lesnar works less, makes more, and gets to duck out of the Wellness Policy because WWE offered him the limited dates. Brock Lesnar has singlehandedly made WWE (and UFC) look like a joke. If you want the world, and your roster, to take your Wellness Policy seriously you need to suspend anyone and everyone, including Brock Lesnar.

I will say this about Alberto Del Rio and Paige getting suspended. Its likely Triple H will use this to put the nail in the coffin of Del Rio's second WWE run. It's also likely that the company will use this to show Paige she needs to "smart up" and stop dating Del Rio. What happens between superstars backstage is not my business, and technically it's not WWE's business either, but now that it's leaking into their professional lives WWE will try to leverage this to get the couple to break up. I think Triple H still has hopes for Paige and will want to separate her from Del Rio as soon as possible.

With the brand split "rules" can they still do NXT call ups without a draft?

Absolutely! NXT wrestlers would be considered "free agents." Much like Rhyno was technically working in NXT and "earned" a contract on Smackdown. It will work the same way with NXT regulars. They'll be called up to whichever show Vince and creative thinks they'll work best on, and on-air it will appear that Smackdown or Raw has signed the next hottest free agent. Remember that WWE is the first person to break their own rules and the logic they set down one week can change the next. Don't look too much into the rules WWE lay out because you'll end up questioning why they don't apply in some situation and do in others.

What the heck is WWE doing with the Wyatt family?

I had that very question when Bray Wyatt had Erick Rowan rejoin him a few weeks ago on Smackdown. Then again after he seemed to kick Rowan to the curb. Bray Wyatt was doing very well all on his own when Rowan rejoined him. At this point, I think adding Rowan hurts Bray more than it helps him. Then he seemingly ditched Erick on Smackdown, which makes sense, but why did they bother realigning them just to break them up? It's almost as if WWE realized they never gave a reason for Rowan to leave Bray, 2-3 weeks too late. So they re-paired them only to split them up right away. Either way, a solo Bray Wyatt is what's best at this point in time. His character needs to sink or swim on its own and the novelty of the Wyatt Family has long since worn off. I really hope WWE can use the brand split to elevate Bray because he is probably the most underutilized character in WWE today.

Why the hesitation with the Smackdown Tag Team and Women's titles?

I couldn't really tell you a specific reason other than the company wanted to wait for Smackdown's first solo PPV, Backlash. To me, like much of what happened on Raw this last week, it's a blown opportunity. On Raw, for free, we got Roman Reigns vs. Rusev in a 20-minute match 6 days before they are set to wrestle again at SummerSlam. We also saw the debut of the Demon King, Finn Balor instead of waiting until SummerSlam. Those are too huge spots that were wasted. On Smackdown it seems we have the opposite side of the "wasted opportunity" coin. Instead of doing things too early, they aren't doing them at all. Think about what Smackdown is doing with their Women's division and their Tag Team division for SummerSlam. The women are being featured in a 6 (possibly 5) Women's tag team match that has no stakes whatsoever and the Tag Teams are being featured on the pre-show in a repeat 12-man tag team match. What a waste! Why wouldn't they have introduced both the Smackdown Women's and Tag Team titles, then put them in matches at SummerSlam? Think of how huge it would be to have been to crown the first ever Universal Champion, Smackdown Women's Champion, and Tag Team Champions in the same night! I would get not wanting to do that for a regular PPV, but this is SummerSlam! Shouldn't WWE be putting their best stuff on the card? Instead, we have a lot of throwaway matches that don't mean anything. If anything, how hard would it have been to announce that the winning teams in both the Women's match and the Tag Team matches will be granted title shots when those titles debut? It gives a reason to be invested and it ups the stakes for an otherwise pointless match.

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