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WWE Cutting One Of The Top 3?, Punk Pushing The Envelope, Signing International Talent, Hunter & Not Shane Succeeding Vince

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If the contracts of CM Punk, John Cena or Randy Orton expired would Vince let any of them go?

All three are under lucrative long-term and high-paying WWE performer's contracts. Out of the three, Randy Orton is the least-secure in his job as there was a lot of talk about cutting him loose after his second-documented Wellness Policy violation a few months ago. However, I'm not sure how close WWE was to cutting Orton and many feel they just wanted to scare him. Regardless, Punk, Cena and Orton are the top stars in WWE and have more influence than anyone else.

It appeared that CM Punk's "color" on Raw in his cage match with Lawler was not only ad-libbed, but completely out of character for the new PG-WWE. What are your thoughts?

CM Punk suffered a nasty gash in his head during the steel cage match on Raw although there was plenty of talk of him pushing the envelope. Whether or not the blood came completely hardway or part blade job, Punk wanted color and he got it. The blood certainly added to the match, his heel turn and was one of the very few high points to an otherwise lackluster show.

Currently, the WWE roster features some wrestlers who are from countries with a not-so-big pro wrestling tradition, such as Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland), Aksana (Lithuania), NXTs Rusev (Bulgaria) and recently signed Frenchmen La Ruffa and di Leo. Do you feel WWE should keep signing international workers in order to expand its viewership?

Global expansion is very important to WWE and they are focused on expanding in untapped markets. One market the company wants more penetration in is the country of China. Recently, a WWE executive admitted publicly the company is actively searching for Chinese talent. As for my thoughts, I think WWE should sign as many talented workers as possible. I don't care where a particular talent is from as long as they possess talent that makes them entertaining.

Why is it Triple H and not Shane McMahon tapped to succeed Vince McMahon?

Observers with ties close to the McMahon family have told me for years Vince looks at Triple H like the son he never had. The plan has always been [as long as Triple H and Stephanie have been married] for the company to go to Stephanie and Hunter and many feel Shane realized that which is why he moved on. Shane would probably say he wanted to try to be successful on his own. He has acknowledged his decision wasn't easy and was one that strained his relationship with his father. Vince was not expecting Shane to leave as Shane had done very good work in helping WWE expand globally.

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